5 thoughts on “The first paragraph of the Mr. Wheeler’s statement is perfect: No truer words have ever been spoken

  1. Empty suit empty head ! I have a high school diploma and I have a stronger work history than O slop a ! A real piece of shit in plain English. His slogan is, if you want it for free come see me.

    • The difference is…………..you earned your education, Obla-bla,his education was bought and paid for. He has never held a real job, never had to make a payroll. He has worked for non-profit and the gov’t, both gets their money from others.

      • I have a Masters Degree in Counseling. Why am I not working as a counselor? The majority of people DO NOT want help. I got to frustrated with whining women wanting me to tell them they were right vs. their husband. Why was she so tired after picking up little Samantha from Ballet running her to voice lesson…only to pick up the son from football practice, etc. You get my drift.
        Most people don’t believe this, but unless you are going to be an engineer or a doctor, a high school education is quite enough!
        The basic thing going to college will help with is ‘LEARNING HOW AND WHERE TO FIND what you need to know.
        A curious, head strong person can find the answers. A College Degree is highly over rated.


      • There are a lot of people out there who just want the degree just to say they have one. Obama’s degree was bought and paid for and he wouldn’t know hot to run a lemonade stand if he had to. More people are on welfare and unemployment then actually work. Some where down the road…………….those of us who work are going to get really pissed and……………………maybe another time. there are those who are out there who don’t want help, they just want a check or drugs to make them feel better, they don’t want a job because that would mean they would have to do something with their life.

      • You are right; and it is really sad!
        I am not in the work force anymore, thank God!
        When I was a few years ago, I was shocked…absolutely shocked at the number of people who walk in the front door the first day EXPECTING to be head honcho within a couple of weeks!

        I did NOT fit in well at all when I was in graduate school. I was there when I was 52-54 yrs old. I have never seen or heard such dumb-ass people in my life as I did…and it was the professors who had NO CLUE about the REAL world.
        I know you’ll believe this. I had to LEARN not to allow my jaw to drop when one of the professors said something so outlandish that I’d lose it. Then I had to learn to “look DOWN” vs. rolling my eyes or staring at them as if to say, “You dumb F___K, what the hell are you talking about!”

        It was so hard to contain myself!!!!!
        I was so disgusted KNOWING the younger ones in the class didn’t know the difference!

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