The ObamaCare Black Hole

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One  thing that the past few weeks have accomplished is the total destruction of  Obama’s “towering intellect” persona.

 This  is one the standard lenses through which Obama is viewed, with differing but  complimentary angles from each end of the spectrum: the liberal “reigning  intellect of his age” as opposed to the conservative “master chess player with a  plan for destruction.”

 The  basis of Obama’s reputation for intellectual superiority lies in a mixture of  Democratic propaganda and PC indoctrination.  The Democratic stance has  been steadily maintained for years and prevails in some circles impervious to  embarrassment or shame. Obama was an Ivy-league man! He was president of the  Harvard Law Review! He was a constitutional law professor! He won the  Nobel Prize! He wrote best-selling books!

 This  was bolstered by the PC contention that blacks who display any level of talent  must immediately be promoted to the top of their field (except if their names  are Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, or Clarence Thomas).


This  belief leaked over into the conservative camp while taking the form that Obama  was an implacable superhuman entity, a combination of Fu Manchu, Lenin, and Hal  9000, who had plans in the same detail, certainty, and breadth of vision as  Asimov’s Foundation. Entire generations would live and die amid the unfolding of  Obama’s plans, which never actually terminated at any particular date but simply  faded out into the misty depths of future evolutionary effects. There was no  point in trying to outwit this monstrous intellect; any such attempt had already  been taken into consideration and counteracted. Any development, no matter how  apparently disastrous, mindless, or asinine, was simply part of the plan,  intended all along by the master of the dialectic in order to enmesh America  deeper in his multidimensional schemes.

 That  there has never been anything behind all this ought to go without saying.  Obama’s actual academic record remains a high state secret, unobtainable even by  Edward Snowden. His history at Occidental  College is totally opaque. Almost no one recalls him ever setting foot on the Columbia campus. His  record at Harvard can’t even be called pedestrian. He made absolutely no impact  — certainly not on the Law Review, where he remains the sole president  with no actual contributions to his name.

 He  was never a “constitutional scholar” but merely an adjunct hired to fill in an  empty period between jobs. The Nobel stands as the nadir of the committee’s  attempt to use the shreds of the Prize’s prestige to manipulate international  politics.

 As  for the books, see “Cashill, Jack.” I was skeptical concerning the extent of  Bill Ayer’s contribution until I read a quote from Michelle O. herself stating  that Bill helped out by “editing the book after Barack got  stuck.”

 Anybody  with editorial experience knows about this kind of “editing.” There’s the friend  or acquaintance who really wants to write and has enough talent to put some  words on the page. But somewhere along the line, they get “stuck.” So you pick  it up, go through it, restructure it, rewrite it, put in whatever connecting  material is called for, in extreme cases reconstruct the whole damn thing from  the first page on. These missions never end well — the editee is aware of the  truth of the matter and is always a little resentful.


Looking  at this record with a cold eye, it’s clear that Obama is no intellectual in any  real sense. It’s almost a certainty that he owes most of his progress to  affirmative action (it would be difficult to argue otherwise, seeing that his  academic career occurred in the 80s and 90s, the peak of the diversity  epidemic). Except for errors of the “57 states” variety, Obama has never said  anything memorable — astonishing in and of itself, since so much of black  American culture is based on the word. He is connected with no intellectual  circles or movements, as Reagan was. He has no known hobbies or interests of an  intellectual nature. Barack Obama is simply average, and average, as Harvey  Pekar taught us, is dumb.

 As  for the conservative nightmare, let’s  face it — there is a sizable minority within conservatism that might be called  “depressive cons,” that will say things along these lines no matter who it is or  what the situation. We’re always doomed, there’s never anything to be done,  there’s no way out.  Because of the constraints put in place over the past  fifty years concerning any serious criticism of blacks, Obama is a perfect fit  for this conservative Beckett formula. So the portrait of Obama the master  chess-player has maintained itself even as disaster has piled on disaster to the  point of farce.

 The  events of the past month have brought this to an end. Obama has at last been  confronted by situations outside the control of his supporters, and which cannot  be masked by legacy media.

 The  Mideast situation is now in its worst point within living memory, all thanks to  Barack Obama. Islamic radicals are in control of several once-friendly Muslim  states. The U.S. government has alienated the leadership of the leading Arab  state, Egypt, and the richest one, Saudi Arabia. Syria has freely used WMD’s  without any tangible response. The Muslim Brotherhood was progressing by leaps  and bounds until the Egyptian military finally moved against it. The same  organization — the Ur-terrorist group of the Islamic world — has infiltrated  our own federal government with impunity. The United States, for reasons  impossible to grasp, finds itself allied with Al-Qaeda affiliates. Iran is on  the brink of gaining nuclear weapons.

 Every  last one of these developments is a direct result of decisions made by Barack  Obama.  The current situation in the Middle East is a product of the  efforts of four Obama aides: Samantha Power, a strange and unsettling woman with  two apparent goals in this world: the exaltation of the Arab Islamists and the  abject destruction of Israel. Susan Rice is a career diplomat who lacks, along  with other basic talents, an ability to lie convincingly.  Hillary Clinton  is the exact female equivalent of Obama: a woman of no ability apart from a  certain feral cleverness boosted to high status for purely ideological reasons.  (We’re omitting Huma Abedin to this list due to the fact that she’s Hillary’s).  Valerie Jarrett has a past even more opaque than that of Obama himself — about  all we know is that she is Obama’s closest aide and is  Iran-born.

 No  person of even normal perceptiveness would have hired this coven, or would have  stood by as they left a wake of destruction and misery across the Near East and  the Mediterranean littoral.  No person of decency would tolerate the  results. But Obama doesn’t even seem aware that anything is wrong. He does not  appear to grasp that things have changed for the worse and require  correction.

 The  end result of this… well, it can’t be called a “policy,” generated as it is by  offhand attitudes, momentary whims, and wish-fulfillment daydreams, has been the  most thorough humiliation of an American president on the foreign policy stage  since James Madison. The Mideast is teetering on the precipice, the people of  Egypt (and likely Libya and Tunisia as well) are seething with bitterness toward  the United States — and justifiably so; they were betrayed by the U.S.  government. Israel has all but written off the Obama administration and will  make its own decisions from here on. Obama has been reduced to groveling before  the Iranian mullahs while his Secretary of State John Kerry acts like an  automaton in overseeing a completely irrelevant set of negotiations between  Israel and the Palestinians.

 The  French avant gardist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau once said, “Stupidity is always  astonishing, no matter how many times you encounter it.” Obama’s Mideast debacle  can serve as an illustration. It doesn’t  matter what the goal may have been or what anybody involved had in mind. Not  only did it not happen that way, there was no possibility that it was ever going  to happen that way. The man who gave his first public speech as president in  Cairo now doesn’t dare appear within 500 miles of the place.

 The  woe-is-us conservative take on this is that it’s deliberate, that Obama truly  wants to hand over power to the Islamic radicals (the same ones he’s killing  with drones) and it’s all proceeding according to plan. Enthralled as I am by  the image of Obama aboard Air Force One wearing a Mao jacket and stroking a  Persian cat while hissing, “Mubarak? Eliminate him,” I have to demur. Chaos  achieved through contradiction is always a product of idiocy and nothing else.  There is no way to plan such a chain of events or to guarantee any benefit from  it – it’s the equivalent of dropping a grand piano from a forty-story building  in hopes that the impact will tune it. The alternate, and convincing,  explanation is that Obama is in over his head and doesn’t understand what’s  going on around him.

 We  turn to the collapse of Obama’s “legacy” program, ObamaCare. Nothing like  ObamaCare — the rationalization of an entire national health system — had ever  before been implemented. In cases such as the British NHS, the government simply  took control of an already going health-care system. ObamaCare is an attempt to  impose on the run an entirely new operational template on a health-care system,  and not one operating in some city-state or sparsely-populated third-world  country, but in the largest economy in the world. If it was to be done, it had  to be done once, it had to be done without major glitches, and it had to work  the first time out.

 So  who did Obama hire for this task? Yet another underqualified female, Kathleen  Sebelius, former governor of that health-care powerhouse, Kansas. Sebelius had  no serious experience in health care and her administrative record was limited.  But she was a “Catholic” who supported abortion, which transformed her into a  multipotent chessboard queen against the Catholic Church, the single most  powerful operator in American health care. That alone reveals on exactly what  level ObamaCare thinking actually occurred — low strategy intended to outwit  Obama’s opponents rather than to construct anything like a workable  system.

 Obama  never considered that at all. Medical treatment and the apparatus surrounding it  was one of those things that lesser people do. All that was required of Obama  was that he flick his fly whisk and the thing would be done.

 Add  incompetent personnel to imbecilic premise and you just naturally give rise to  error after error.

 A  Canadian-based company, GCI, was selected as software developer — that is, a  company operating in a country whose national health-care system has been  circling the drain for the better part of a decade.  Furthermore, a company  suspended from doing business with that very same system for failure to meet  deadlines three years in a row. (Does anyone have any idea how bad you have to  be for the Canadian government to take action against you?)

 While  developing the system, coders evidently cut and pasted code (largely from an  application called DataTables from the British software developer SpryMedia, which is now complaining that its copyright was violated) with no connection to  health care. It appears that no integration or testing of this Frankenstein code  was carried out. (Coding, it was revealed last weekend, did not begin until the  spring of 2013, only six months before O-day.)

 The  ObamaCare web commerce site was deliberately designed  with a bottleneck as the very first step. On sites run by outfits with  something worthwhile to sell, browsing and surfing is encouraged to develop and  maintain customer interest. The ObamaCare site demands that you fill out the  lengthy and complex application before you do anything else, even so much as  access another page of the site. This was done out of fear that potential  enrollees would take one look at the insurance plans on offer and flee. Instead,  they spend an hour or more filling out the ap, take a look at the plans, and  then flee. The large numbers of people jammed up simultaneously on the  application page results in the site crashing repeatedly. (Complexity in service  of a grotesquely inappropriate goal is an unfailing mark of stupidity.)   Note that this feature (not a bug) renders it impossible to repair the site —  anything added to that function simply makes it more complicated and apt to  fail.

 A  third point is that even “successful” applications do not mean that a policy has  been purchased. It turns out that the application is so complex, the  instructions so poor, that the majority of them are  unusable by insurance companies. The number of completed applications range  from 1% to 50%. Which means that the already pitiful 51,000 applications made in  the first week may in truth be as low as 5-10,000.  The rest will have to  be corrected by hand, after phoning the applicant, on land lines, in the year  2013.  (On October 18, New York state revealed that precisely zero  individuals had bought insurance though its independent  website.)

 The  end result of all this is an e-commerce effort perpetually frozen at very moment  of consumer entry, like a spaceship fallen into a black hole that remains stuck  for all eternity.  No activity can occur until a process is completed that  can’t ever be finished because no activity can occur. This is government by  squirrel cage, and we’re expected to be the squirrels.

 And  even if all this was repaired, if the rescue teams supposedly being sent by  Google were totally successful, it would be still be of no use, because the  actual law, above and beyond the software, contains a feature that negates  itself, like Ouroboros, the legendary snake that swallows its own tail. Over the  past few weeks it has been revealed that the engine driving ObamaCare is  comprised of healthy young people buying expensive policies that will in turn  pay for the policies of older and poorer applicants. This feature, apparently  borrowed from Social Security, is absolutely crucial to the success of the  program.

 And  yet, ObamaCare allows adult children, those very same healthy young people, to  remain on their parent’s health plans, paying nothing, until age  26.

 This  is halfwittedness raised to the level of sublimity. No wonder they gave him the  Nobel.

 The  executive behind such a catastrophe should be polishing her résumé. Not Kathleen  Sebelius. She was last heard from in  Pittsburgh, unveiling the system at the Heinz Arena with the help of the  Steelers. (No wonder they’re blowing the entire season.) After a speech  consisting of standard boilerplate about the system recited in her customary  robotic monotone, Sebelius called attention to twenty people on the field with  computers, ready to apply. None was even able to get to step one. Sebelius  promptly blamed the arena itself — and by extension the team — for the  failure. Infuriating a million and a half Steelers fans — now that’s good  thinking.

 After  three weeks, Obama felt compelled to come to the rescue of his “signature  achievement,” by way of a speech in the Rose Garden. His solution was for  everyone to call ObamaCare’s phone number, which promptly  crashed. And that’s it — we shouldn’t expect any more. Obama is a bystander  at his own train wreck. He directed the train be built, fueled it up, wrote the  schedule, got it rolling, sabotaged the tracks, and watched it fling itself  halfway across the landscape. Now he’s lost interest. It has nothing to do with  him. He’s going to play golf.

 We  could go on with this. During the same period O blockaded national monuments;  put snipers  on the White House roof to fend off enraged vets in wheelchairs; cut death  benefits to families of dead soldiers; and cancelled experimental cancer  treatment for small children. Another characteristic of stupidity is that it is  neverending. Once it starts rolling, it continues onward until it at last finds  a cliff to go over.

 Back  to Cocteau, who had a lot to say about the subject: “The problem with the modern  world is that stupidity has begun to think.”

 Cocteau  was referring to the brute ideologies of the 20th century, ideologies that  required, first and above all, the truncation of the questing and questioning  facets of human nature in order to operate. Liberalism has long since joined  that lineup, long enough ago for intellectual sclerosis to have reached its  peak. Obama is the perfect representative of this final collapse of the liberal  black hole: the leading ideologue who believes just a fervently as his most  doltish follower, because he has never been exposed to an alternative.   Liberalism today is a collection of slogans vague enough to be slotted into just  about any given situation. Obama mastered those slogans long ago, and believes  that’s all he needs to do. His cult, the media, and half the country believe it  too. The chief error of ideologues of this type is that they truly think that  they’ll remain immune to the consequences of folly. But this is something not  granted to any man. Stupidity twinned with arrogance creates its own nemesis.  Obama has just about reached that point.

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