A Marxist Takeover Is Happening Right Before Your Eyes

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Yes, that’s correct; we are watching a Marxist takeover of this nation every  day now. With the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama Jr., the “fundamental  transformation” of America is almost complete. Do not be fooled into believing  that the Democrats are your friends, people like Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi,  Maxine Waters, Harry Reid and others in the Democratic Party (and also a few  RINO’s) are not gently pushing, but are forcibly SHOVING this nation to its  doom.


The  so-called “government shutdown” was designed to break the back of the  Republican  Party and to demonize them.  The purpose was to insure a  sweeping Democrat  victory in 2014. Next on the agenda will be “immigration  reform,” and what THAT  means is amnesty for OVER 30 Million illegal aliens.  That kind of voter increase  would completely wipe-out the Republican Party and  insure complete Democrat  dominance in government.

I laid this plan out in my previous article titled “Marxism  in America: The Stage Is Set & We Are Well into Stage 3.” I suggest  some  of you read that article, and you will see that I am correct.

As mentioned by my co-contributor Michael Snyder in his article about the  possibility of 47 million SNAP recipients having their benefits reduced or even  cut-off, the possibility of major urban areas having “food riots” will  become a reality. Then you will see martial law and by then it will be too  late..Game Over.

In an article in the American Thinker by Jeffrey Folks titled “Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of a Nation He Despises”  he says this:

“For his part, Obama has done nothing, perhaps because he is still in thrall  of anyone who calls himself a Marxist.  The only people he really  distrusts  are Americans, especially those patriotic Tea Party members who care  about their  country’s future.

Does President Obama really hate the American people that much? 


I think he does.  He hates America as it is and as it has  been, and, as he openly admits, he wants nothing less than to “fundamentally  transform America.”  One does not completely transform a nation into  the opposite of what it is unless one hates that nation as it is.  That  fact explains why Obama has done so little to protect  America while doing so much to spy on, disparage, and attack ordinary  Americans.”

Folks goes on to say:

“Obama has already declared that, in effect, there shall be no new coal-fired  power plants and that at least one third of existing coal-fired plants are to  be  shuttered in the near future, and all of them eventually in the carbon-free  future he dreams of.  He is preparing regulations that will make it  impossible to produce efficient and economical full-size trucks in the numbers  now needed to run our economy.  His next step will likely be an assault on  our nation’s ability to produce shale gas through the safe technology of  hydraulic fracturing.

And that’s just the beginning of the total makeover that Obama has in mind  for America.  Did I mention persecution of journalists?  Forced  unionization of workplaces?  Abortion on demand, funded by every employer?    Racial discrimination in perpetuity against non-minorities?  And  environmental regulations as far as the eye can see, affecting every aspect of  life?”

Like I have previously stated, I’m not into “conspiracies,” but things are  becoming too obvious.  There is also an article in FRONTPAGE MAG titled  “Obama’s Radical Transformation of America,” I suggest you read that also. Or  you can simply click here to “Google.”  

No, I’m not into conspiracies, I’m just looking at “reality” and quite  frankly, it isn’t pretty.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/10/marxist-takeover-happening-right-eyes/#ixzz2iXPhLV9c Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/10/marxist-takeover-happening-right-eyes/#GgJjfzbay3ytOHhr.99

5 thoughts on “A Marxist Takeover Is Happening Right Before Your Eyes

  1. The youth of America have been brain washed by our schools right under our vigilance. There are so many issues to deal with at once it is seemingly impossible to avoid the ultimate end result. Only a major revolt by the populace can re-change the course of the country. If the revolt is put down, the country is dead on arrival.

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