Obamacare Demonstrates that Somewhere in North America There are Quite a Few Idiots

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I recently saw a bumper sticker that read “Somewhere in Kenya a village is  missing its idiot.”  No doubt that’s true.  Equally true, however, is  that somewhere in North America there’s a country full of idiots.


If  a buyer went to a car dealer to buy car, picked one out, and asked the salesman  what kind of a deal he could make, and the salesman said, “Good choice.   Sign this contract and we’ll get you on the road today,” the buyer would  probably not agree to sign.  The rest of the conversation might be as  follows:

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Obama Says: “Shut Up!”

Family Security Matters

While blaming the federal government’s shutdown on the House’s dragging its  feet on a budget bill that would raise the debt ceiling and defund Obamacare,  and not himself or the government itself for “shutting down,” President Barack  Obama during an  address to Congress in the White House State Dining Room on the morning of  October 17th displayed his true anti-freedom and anti-freedom of  speech colors by blaming bloggers, talk radio hosts and “activists” for the  shutdown. It demonstrated his core hostility to freedom in any realm. In short,  he would just rather we all shut up and let him get on with destroying the  country, and not bother him or anyone else with the least squeak of  opposition.

This is the portrait of a wannabe tyrant.

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