Muslim Brotherhood’s Hamas-CAIR: American Media is ‘Lazy and Gullible’ – Take Advantage of That

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“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to  become dominant.”

“The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest  authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on  earth.”

–Council on American-Islamic Relations Founder Omar  Ahmad


That  is the claim of a man who is the founder of CAIR, a Muslim organization that  was  also an unindicted  conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation scandal, and has been linked to money  laundering for Islamic jihadists in our nation’s capitol.  Does it at all  sound moderate to you?  Right, it doesn’t to me either.


However,  what is even more disturbing is the way Americans are accepting the method  of taqiyya in order for Islam to advance its agenda in the West.  CAIR  presents itself as “moderate,” but as I’ve told you over and over, there is  nothing moderate about Islam.  In fact, we have seen CAIR actively  intimidate others to shut down Pamela Geller’s talks where she exposes both  CAIR and Islamic jihad.  We have seen them demand and get Islamic prayer and  special privileges in public schools.

We also see an administration that actively covers for and diverts attention  from this Islamic organization and others like it.

Pamela Geller recently wrote about the means of stealth jihad in the United  States and included video that documents how it is being taught.  She writes:  


A segment in the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s new award-winning  documentary “Jihad in America: The Grand Deception” focuses on stealth  jihadists and how they try to control public perception. Part of it is by  manipulating a lazy and gullible media. But another part is to shut down any  criticism of Islamist ideology — the notion that society is best governed by  Islamic law. During a recent panel discussion on the film, panelists —   including two anti-Islamist Muslims — discussed the way phony accusations of  “Islamophobia,” or bigotry, are used to stigmatize  critics.

In fact, an Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)/ CAIR spokeswoman said,  

“Media in the US is very gullible…If you have something to say, especially  as a Muslim; they’ll come running to you. Take advantage of that!”  

Commentary Magazine says CAIR is  nothing more than a “political front for Hamas,” and Hamas was created by the  Muslim Brotherhood.

CAIR is merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but there are occasions, like in  the video above where the wolf shows you its teeth.  As Bob Taylor writes, “no matter how genteel CAIR may appear on television, they are still a  mouthpiece for Islamist ideals. CAIR uses deception as a means creating the  public perceptions they desire. 

With the aid of the federal government, which threatens  sites like Freedom Outpost for voicing opposition in exposing the truth about  Islam, CAIR seems to be well on its way to advancing its real agenda:  A  Western caliphate headed by the United States under  the black flag of jihad.

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