Former-Navy SEAL Ben Smith: “Government is Creating Conditions to Impose Martial Law”

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Former-Navy SEAL Ben Smith spoke recently at the World War II Memorial alongside other American veterans,  following that event, he dropped a bombshell on Fox News (the majority of us  have already been thinking what Smith said) and claimed that the US government  is creating conditions that are necessary to impose martial law in the United  States.

Smith told Fox host Bill Hemmer what many of us have been suspicious of all  along under Barack Obama; that the federal government is looking for means of  creating an atmosphere for implementing martial law.

Ex-Navy SEAL Ben Smith

Former-Navy SEAL Ben Smith

The former Navy  SEAL told Fox that he believed that the federal government was attempting to  provoke the veterans to “do something.”  


When asked what he meant by that, Smith said, “That’s not just my statement,”  he said.  “Within the (perspective) of people who see things wrong here, who  are  looking at the shutdown, this can be absolutely planned, and it’s a  conversation  topic.”

“They want us to do something,” he continued.  “They either want to diminish  our voice or our significance, or draw contact, and they can crush us.”

Smith went on to name names.

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Quote of the day – Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)

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When the IRS can harass tea-party groups, when the Department of Justice can monitor reporters’ conversations, when the EPA can adopt double standards for ideological allies and opponents, when Health and Human Services regulators can openly extort the businesses they regulate — in short, when there is no accountability — we are no longer citizens but subjects.

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Muslim Brotherhood’s Hamas-CAIR: American Media is ‘Lazy and Gullible’ – Take Advantage of That

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“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to  become dominant.”

“The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest  authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on  earth.”

–Council on American-Islamic Relations Founder Omar  Ahmad


That  is the claim of a man who is the founder of CAIR, a Muslim organization that  was  also an unindicted  conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation scandal, and has been linked to money  laundering for Islamic jihadists in our nation’s capitol.  Does it at all  sound moderate to you?  Right, it doesn’t to me either.


However,  what is even more disturbing is the way Americans are accepting the method  of taqiyya in order for Islam to advance its agenda in the West.  CAIR  presents itself as “moderate,” but as I’ve told you over and over, there is  nothing moderate about Islam.  In fact, we have seen CAIR actively  intimidate others to shut down Pamela Geller’s talks where she exposes both  CAIR and Islamic jihad.  We have seen them demand and get Islamic prayer and  special privileges in public schools.

We also see an administration that actively covers for and diverts attention  from this Islamic organization and others like it.

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