Obama’s Pentagon to Sell Advanced Weapons Systems to His Islamist Allies

Freedom Outpost

Last week, when the US government was shut down for lack of money, the  Department of Defense informed the US Congress about its plans to deliver 10  billion dollars of US weapons hardware to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab  Emirates (UAE). In case you have forgotten, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab  Emirates just happen to be two of the world’s top Sunni financiers of global  terror.

The US weapons systems slated for delivery include bunker buster bombs,  sophisticated Boeing made Standoff Land Attack Extended Range (SLAM-ER) bombs  and Raytheon Joint Standoff Weapons (JSOW) cruise missiles. These weapons  systems —for the first time in history—will provide Sunni Islamist  monarchies US made F-15’s and F-16’s with the power to destroy ground targets  from as far away as 100 kilometers.


There  is no denying that prior to 911, Sunni Islamists (Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the  UAE) were long time customers of the US Defense establishment. After Islamist  financed Al- Qaeda terrorists attacked America on September 11, 2001, the Bush  administration, understandably scaled back its defense department contracts  with  Saudi Arabia and other countries long suspected of providing financial  support  to Islamist terror. Since 2010, President Obama’s Department of Defense  has  eagerly pursued—with little opposition from Congress—new historic  Middle  Eastern arms deals.

If you are wondering why the Republicans and Democrats—who have 30 days to  protest this deal—will more than likely acquiesce to Defense Secretary Chuck  Hegel’s plan, look no further than Boeing and Raytheon.

Since the last election cycle, Boeing donated $3.46 million and Raytheon  gifted $3.53 million dollars to the campaign funds and PACS maintained by both  Democrat and Republican candidates. In 2012, Boeing spent 15.6 million dollars  and Raytheon invested 7.4 million dollars to lobby our elected representatives  in Washington D.C.

According to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) —supposedly  founded on a tradition of cooperation between the United States and other  sovereign nations with similar values and interests—the weapons shipment to  these Gulf States “will contribute to the foreign policy and national security  of the United States by improving the security of friendly countries that  remain  forces for stability.”


Like most Americans, I am a little confused about US Foreign policy “goals of  stability” versus the violent realities the Obama/Clinton foreign policy has  shown in the Gulf region. I am also concerned about our only true ally in the  Gulf region, Israel.

Washington would like America to believe that Saudi Arabia and the United  Arab Emirates require these weapons to aid the United States in isolating  Iran’s  unfriendly nuclear ambitions. This is the same Washington drivel that  attempted  to lead us into another war to support the Saudi backed Al Qaeda  affiliated Al  Nusrah Front rebels overthrow of Bashir Assad’s Syrian regime. 

US foreign policy, both the Bush and Obama foreign policy, has done little to  discourage Iran’s nuclear weapons development program. Now the US Department of  Defense is planning to arm Gulf States (known supporters of Islamist terror) in  order to provide stability in a region that grows increasingly more unstable  because of ISLAMIST TERROR.  This is like arming the Zeta cartel to provide  stability in Mexico’s drug wars that are spilling over into US Border States  and  beyond.

Does the US Congress intend to support the arming of Gulf state governments  responsible for financing past-unprovoked attacks on Americans here and abroad?  

Clearly, the boys and girls in Washington know better than to allow this to  happen. Then again, with the 2014 election right around the corner and defense  contractor money pouring into Washington like illegal immigrants flowing to US  entitlement programs, my guess is this Gulf states weapons transfer is already  done deal.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/10/obamas-pentagon-sell-advanced-weapons-systems-islamist-allies/#ixzz2i8A9tTTT Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/10/obamas-pentagon-sell-advanced-weapons-systems-islamist-allies/#U59sGAgxMByy46SK.99

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Pentagon to Sell Advanced Weapons Systems to His Islamist Allies

  1. I DO NOT want this to happen. That being said, just wait….I think one of his group of friends “will” attack Israel.

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