Obama’s Pentagon to Sell Advanced Weapons Systems to His Islamist Allies

Freedom Outpost

Last week, when the US government was shut down for lack of money, the  Department of Defense informed the US Congress about its plans to deliver 10  billion dollars of US weapons hardware to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab  Emirates (UAE). In case you have forgotten, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab  Emirates just happen to be two of the world’s top Sunni financiers of global  terror.

The US weapons systems slated for delivery include bunker buster bombs,  sophisticated Boeing made Standoff Land Attack Extended Range (SLAM-ER) bombs  and Raytheon Joint Standoff Weapons (JSOW) cruise missiles. These weapons  systems —for the first time in history—will provide Sunni Islamist  monarchies US made F-15’s and F-16’s with the power to destroy ground targets  from as far away as 100 kilometers.


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