5 thoughts on “National Park Service Admits It Discussed Plan To Close War Memorials With Obama Officials…

  1. He really thought this would demoralize us. What it did was reallly piss people off.

    • Yep and I’m one of them.

      • He really doesn’t understand the TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE AT ALL.
        We are fighters. Yes, we have families. We shop. We take our children to school (or grandparents do).
        We are not spoiled. We work hard; and we DO pay attention.
        What has been so hard and draining is “HAVING TO STAY ON THE INTERNET everyday to see what the hell he did today vs. just laying back and watching our favorite shows on TV. Or, having friends over….

        Things are not anywhere near normal now. After the election, I would love to have been able to just goof off and watch DVD(s) I bought that I haven’t seen yet because I feel a responsibility to keep up day-to-day on what the hell he is doing now!

      • That’s because he doesn’t work and never has.

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