National Guard Dispatched to DC Truck Protest – Fox News Won’t Report

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The trucker Ride for the Constitution has been underway since 7 AM this  morning.  The live broadcast has had hundreds of callers, the chat has over 300  people participating and the movement continues to grow.

While news agencies reported National Guard would be out, those reports had  been proven as false.  A commenter to a Freedom Outpost article by Dean Garrison contacted Senator Inhofe’s office,  who also indicated those reports were false.

ride for the constitution

About an hour ago, it was reported on the live broadcast of the Ride for the  Constitution that a family in DC had seen and taken photos of National Guard  troops in buses along the roadside.  These were forwarded to Larry Klayman who  was to present them on Neal Cavuto; but, Rupert Murdock refused to have  this aired on Fox News.  Additionally, it has been intimated the  troops  were going to close I-95 into Washington.  Because of these  developments, the  trucks have been pulled back temporarily.

A few minutes ago, General Lee, who was on the live broadcast, was in  downtown Washington, DC making his way to an interview with the Wall Street  Journal digital.  The host, Pete Santilli, asked the General to tell the  reporter to contact him so additional information could be imparted.

There have been ongoing attempts to disrupt the show, the chat room and the  call-in line.  These attacks have been through individuals who are not in  support of the effort or disagree with the host of the live broadcast.  Skype  has had problems as well with some of the associate hosts maintaining a  connection.  Pete Santilli has identified on the air that news organizations  have done everything to sabotage the coverage of this event.

Several problems have occurred technically that were originally thought to be  subversive attempts to quash the broadcast and information being disseminated  to  the public.  As far as it is known at this time, all technical difficulties  have  been resolved.


This event will continue and will be maintained for the entire three days, no  matter who or what tries to stop this.

This article will be updated with pictures and more information as they  become available…

UPDATE:Attorney Larry Klayman, who has several lawsuits  against Barack Hussein Obama and the founder of, appeared  live via phone call on the live broadcast for the Ride for the Constitution  trucker march on Washington, DC.  Mr. Klayman is in Washington with the  organizers of the trucker march.  Per Mr. Klayman, there have been threats of  retaliation against members of the ride.  A picture was provided to Mr. Klayman  showing buses with troops near Washington; however, it was unclear if there  were  arms in the vehicles.

Mr. Klayman is asking that anyone with any information regarding threats made  against the truckers or information regarding National Guard troops on the  ground, that he be contacted through his organization, Freedom Watch  USA.

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3 thoughts on “National Guard Dispatched to DC Truck Protest – Fox News Won’t Report

  1. Yeah, Fox is owned by the same rulers that own the other stations. This shows that when it comes down to it, Fox is just a pretend backer of what is right.

  2. Don’t you know that the men in the National Guard would rather be right there cheering them on. I would be Soooooo embarrassed if I was ordered to do that!

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