Defy the Fake Monarchy of Barack Obama

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Let’s face facts.  President Nutcase thinks he has the moral authority, the  executive power, the popular opinion, the media help, and the military backup  to  make a coup.

Using the springboard of that Chinese chestnut “opportunity in chaos,” Obama  has intentionally created a government partial slowdown (not “shutdown”) to  create a government meltdown.  By permitting the CR to go unsigned, Obama  believes he has sealed forever the necessity to have a budget.  Unfortunately  for him, the budget is a function of law, not desire, just like adultery is a  sin, not a behavioral choice.  It’s mandatory.

Having usurped the budget process through various means, including offering  his own budget voted down unanimously, Obama has transformed the way we look at  capital expenditures, as if they are at the whim of any particular chaos or  need, whether real or manufactured.  Case in point: the sequester.  The media  relayed the false message that the United States would suffer under a  sequester.  The fear factor did not work, the sequester was signed by Mr.  Nutcase, and  thereupon no pain no strictly linked to it, making his threat  invalid.


Following, the failure to pass a CR (cheers!) elicited more threats of a dire  nature, implemented manually through orders to inflict as much pain as  possible.   National  parks and monuments  close, even private  businesses are shuttered, and today a jogger is fined for running.  The  message from the government is, “Screw you!”  As Gerald Ford put it, “A  government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big  enough  to take from you everything you have.”  And so our fearless leader has  given the  American people the finger publicly, signaling the end of secrecy. 

The meaning?  We face in the next week or two the possibility of a power grab  of unimaginable proportions.  Having already communicated in speeches and by  proxies that HE will not permit the economic security of the nation, nay, the  world to be threatened by Tea Party types (interesting characterization of how  much power the Tea Party now has), there is every reason to fear a unilateral  takeover of the debt process, the Nutcase himself ordering new debt.  This  would  be TREASON.


Not that Obama’s Attorney General is not already in contempt  of Congress over Fast and Furious and the Gulf oil decisions.  Not that  Obama is not already a traitor for funding  Al-Qaeda through Syria, Egypt, and Libya.   Not that Obama is not already a murderer for Benghazi, the Mexican border,  and even Miriam Carey (the  dental hygienist executed in broad daylight in DC).  Ugh!  Are we REALLY  this far down the road to serfdom, this far pushed by the Overton Window, that  he is not ALREADY impeached, if not in jail?

The bikers  decided to protest the “Million”  Muslim March, but were denied a permit.  They came anyway.  The veterans  were told  the monuments were closed.  They came anyway.  The truckers will probably  be  told on October 11 that I-495 is closed.  But they will come anyway, and I  hope  they smash down barriers, arrest Pelosi and Feinstein (to start), and help  us  restore our Constitution.  Our might is in numbers.

One faction which could help immensely would be a “Million Mothers March” on  DC to protest Obamacare, the Department of Education, the disintegration of  morals, and (why not?) the killing of Miriam Carey with her baby still in the  car.  What will they do with all these woman, start a “war”?  What will they do  if these women march on Washington and stay many days?  With President Nutcase,  who can say?

But time is running short.  With each move, Obama pushes us further into  accepting tyranny, until one day he eases off the pedal and we breathe a sigh  of  relief, only to find out that we are ten miles down the road from actual  liberty, and the enormous government built around us (NSA, IRS, EPA, and so  forth) rules every aspect of our lives, not only with irritations but with  actual slavery.

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