US News and World Report Smears DC Trucker Protest with False Allegations – Here’s the Truth

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With the Ride for  the Constitution three days away, it came as no surprise when a story  appeared in US  News and World Report yesterday indicating that truckers were planning to  congest the DC beltway and arrest congressmen during their October 11-13, 2013  event.  According to their source, Earl Conlon, the truckers would ride 3 lanes  deep circling I-495 and demand the arrest of those in office who have violated  their oath.  This part of the story is false.  As someone who  has been in contact with the organizer and their media spokesperson, the  message  has been and continues to be a peaceful protest to deliver grievances  to  Congress requesting they honor their oath by upholding the Constitution.   Their  entire intent can be read here.  At no point has the arrest of those in office by truckers or law enforcement  been on their agenda.

ride for the constitution

The  Blaze also reported the same story and has since updated the original to  include a statement by the organizers of the Truckers Ride for the  Constitution.  Ben Pam, one of the organizers, told The Blaze the group does not  intend on  arresting congressmen, obstructing traffic or closing down roads.  A  post by the  organizers on their Facebook  page indicates other trucking groups not associated with Ride for the  Constitution and Truckers to Shut Down America are spreading  false  information in an effort to copy the original movement and “divide and  conquer.” 

The organization  has sent a request to US News and World Report advising them to print a  retraction or update the article to “reflect the truth about the campaign.”  The media spokeperson for the group, Peter Santilli of Guerilla Media Network,  indicated Earl Conlon happened to be only a “coordinator” of drivers and not a  spokesman for the event at all.  According to the emails sent to the news  organization from Pete Santilli, the group was disappointed that reporters did  not contact the organizer of the group, Zeeda Andrews, or himself for  commentary.  Mr. Conlon even indicated in an email that he was not a spokesman  for the Ride for the Constitution.

A subsequent email from Pete Santilli to US News and World Report summarizes  their expectations with regard to the article.

Steven, attached is a link to the audio conversation I just had with Earl  Conlon.

Earl is not even a trucker, he was merely offering to organize the convoy  as he has had previous experience.

He has never been designated as a spokesperson, and it’s apparent that  his intentions are polar opposite the Ride for the Constitution’s.

We hereby respectfully request a retraction or update on the article to  indicate that Earl is in no way associated with the mission of the ride.  He  was  merely a point of contact for drivers at a meeting place for the start of  the  convoy.  Please immediately update the article so as not to create the  false  perception you have portrayed in your article.

At this point, if you fail to make an immediate correction, we will have  to inform all members of the media of this extreme example of yellow journalism  that exists in the main stream.  I will personally have to denounce this  article  as an intentionally harmful means of hi-jacking the positive message  Zeeda has  conveyed since day one.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to retrieve the link in the email to the  conversation.

As of the writing of this article, US News and World Report has not printed  an update or a retraction.

Overdrive  magazine online has even printed an article indicating that Conlon’s convoy  was “intended as a show of force.”  The paragraph is as follows: 


Conlon’s convoy is intended as a show of force, he said, attendant to  delivering evidence to law enforcement authorities that he hopes will result in  “one or two people stuck in handcuffs,” he said – “politicians, senators,  congressmen – for violating their oaths of office” to uphold the  constitution.

This paragraph follows one that quotes Zeeda Andrews on when the event will  start.  The magazine has made it appear as though Conlon is authorized to speak  on behalf of the Ride for the Constitution organization.  As indicated, Conlon  was never authorized to speak on behalf of the organization and has provided  false information to the media.

I contacted Zeeda regarding the article in Overdrive magazine to inform her  of the continued reporting of negative information regarding the truckers Ride  for the Constitution.  In her return email, Zeeda indicated the legal side of  this is being handled by Larry Klayman.  This is confirmed on the Facebook page  in a post indicating Mr. Klayman would be in DC for all three days to speak on  behalf of Citizen Indictment.  As you may recall, Larry Klayman has called  for an American citizen march on Washington on November 19, 2013, to  indicate to Congress and the federal government that a return to the  Constitution is in order.

61837_166114886925093_1235968833_nOne  can only wonder at the intent of Mr. Conlon.  Earl Conlon contacted Freedom  Outpost wanting to disseminate some information to the organizers of the event.   He requested their contact information.  Being that Mr. Conlon was near the  area  where I reside, I contacted him by phone.  At that time, Mr. Conlon  indicated to  me that he was with a group who had planned to ride to Washington  in November  and had a point of origin where all the truckers could meet.  Mr.  Conlon stated  that this effort was important and egos needed to be put aside in  favor of the  bigger issue of government following the limits in the  Constitution.  After  speaking with him, I referred him to Zeeda Andrews, the  organizer of the event,  since I had spoken with her via email after writing the  first article on the  trucker strike.

Whatever his original intent, Mr. Conlon overstepped his role in this event  spreading an alternate negative message that has placed a cloud over the  positive peaceful event to have government address grievances identified by the  truckers and the American people.  This transgression on the part of Mr. Conlon  was all the lamestream media needed to now spread a negative message about this  event.  It is sensationalism at its best to produce an emotional negative  response.  What else can one expect from the mainstream enemedia who supports  the liar in chief?

If an individual such as myself could identify the organizer and spokesperson  of the event, one would think that a reporter for US News and World Report  could  do the same considering their vast array of investigative tools.   Actually, it  didn’t take a seasoned reporter to identify the true organizer or  spokesperson.   One only has to visit the website,  the Facebook  page, and a  previous article on Freedom Outpost to identify the organizers and their  media spokesperson.  But, one can bet that the reporter for the news  organization was not interested in presenting a totally positive message on the  entire event; he wanted to search for any negative spark to incite opposition.  

The truly sad thing is more than one news organization picked up that  unofficial false intention and ran with it.

One can bet Washington has read that article.  It would be no surprise if  that misrepresentation by Mr. Conlon was used by the fascist Obama and this  administration to prevent the event or somehow impede it.

This event has continued to be supported because of its peaceful intent to  demonstrate to our federal government that it has strayed from the Constitution  and needs to fall back into line.  Other organizations and individual Americans  have supported this effort by vowing to cease all monetary transactions for the  days of October 11-13, in protest of the unconstitutional actions of the  branches of our government.  Remember, buy your goods that you will need before  these days; perform all banking and monetary transactions beforehand and  prepare  to be financially silent on those days.  Be sure and have extra goods  on hand to  last a few weeks afterward as distribution of goods may be delayed. 

Our family has supported this and will continue to support efforts to hold  our government accountable to the limits set forth in the Constitution.

Come on America.  Let’s Roll!!

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2 thoughts on “US News and World Report Smears DC Trucker Protest with False Allegations – Here’s the Truth

  1. More and more disinformation is floating about the internet. Probably intentional to sow confusion and division among patriots. I hope all legitimate news outlets, e.g. The Blaze, exercises restraint & due diligence and double-checks all their info before printing their stories. I think that’s called journalism 101. Just yesterday, Political Outcast had printed a specious story which they had not checked before printing. This is not good.

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