Barack Obama Is Advancing the Islamization of America

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There is an article from 2011 that is good to revisit and compare with what  is happening today. The article appears on Israel  Today and I’ll be quoting from it in this article.

We know that there has been much discussion about whether or not Mr. Obama is  a Muslim or not. He has publicly stated that he is a Christian. Jesus said we  will know them (Christians) by their fruits (Matthew 7:16). In other words, we  are allowed to judge whether someone is truly a Christian by how they live and  what they say. We are not allowed to judge a person’s motivations (since we  cannot see those), but we can and should judge their actions.

Memphis Mosque

A chicken in every pot? No, but a mosque in every  city? Yep, that’s Obama’s America…

Based on this, is Obama a Christian? “Obama’s biological father was a Muslim — which makes the President  a Muslim. His stepfather was an Indonesian Muslim who raised Obama as a Muslim  in a mosque and madrassa (Islamic religious school) in Indonesia until age 11.  His half brothers in Kenya are Muslims.”



Unlike other religions, including Christianity, just because the father or  parents are of one religion, does not mean that the children are automatically  by birth. For instance, in Christianity, an actual decision must be made to  either believe Jesus and His vicarious death and resurrection on our behalf,  which provides eternal life, or not. It is the act of placing our faith in  Christ that creates the spiritual transaction necessary for the person to  receive salvation and become a new creation in Christ. Without this, it is  simply an exercise in futility and going through the motions.

In Islam, children who are born into a Muslim family are automatically  understood to be Muslim. They would have to make a conscious decision to break  with Islam to become a Christian or something else. When that happens, other  Muslims believe that the person who has left Islam can and should be terminated  because their decision to leave Islam amounts to blasphemy and that is  punishable by death.

Too many today believe if someone simply says they are a Christian, then  that’s the reality. Doesn’t matter how they live because they have stated they  are Christian. They may even go to church to back it up. It proves nothing. The  Pharisees did that and also had memorized large portions of Scripture. They  prayed too. Yet, Jesus condemned them for the most part.

But to help answer the question about whether Mr. Obama is a Christian or  Muslim, we need to ask another question. What are his plans for America?

According to the article I’m quoting from, Mr. Obama has plans to Islamacize  America. Interesting. Now, if Mr. Obama is in truth a Christian, why would he  want to Islamacize America, if that is true?

Pastor Don “Jones went to one of his orphanages in Haiti after the massive  earthquake there and met with a senior UN official, who said Obama had  told him that the US would be a Muslim country by 2016, or by the end  of his second term in office.” (emphasis added)


All right, let’s say that is true. If it is, it would certainly cast serious  doubts on Obama’s claim to being a Christian. But how would he do this, if that  was the plan? He would do it with sheer numbers. Once Muslims gain a power base  through numbers, they begin to put pressure on politicians to have things done  their way.

If we consider Dearborn, MI as an example, we note that when there were fewer  Muslims there, those Muslims had no power. They were decent folks, just trying  to make a living. As time passed, the number of Muslims increased until in  2012,  they numbered 40,000 out of a total population of 96,474. Interestingly  enough,  in the 2010 Census, Arabs checked the “white” category.

Since their numbers have grown, they have become empowered. The Dearborn City  Council listens to them. The police chief is Muslim. They have the mayor’s ear.  Christians are denigrated and when Muslims pelted Christians with rocks, concrete, and bottles of  urine for attempting to spread the Good News of Jesus, the Christians were  arrested and at least one federal judge upheld their arrest. After a long legal  battle, the Christians were finally exonerated.

Things that are happening now in the Middle East may result in Obama  welcoming thousands upon thousands of Muslims into this country. As their  numbers grow, they will become a large group of individuals with the same  ideology in a nation that was founded on biblical (not Qur’anic)  principles.

The author of the article I’ve been quoting said his wife (“who is a  radio and TV monitor in the Arabic language for Israel Radio in Jerusalem”) has  noted that Arabs believe Obama is Muslim. She also noted that in a “broadcast  prior to the 2008 elections, the Saudis claimed that ‘we will have a Muslim in  the White House’.”

Further, as I noted earlier, according to the Saudis, Mr. Obama has a job to  do while president. Among other things, he is to “terminate the Shiite threat  [Iran] and the Jewish threat [Israel]. And if he cannot do this, he should pack  his bags and go home.”

Let’s remember that this article from which I’m quoting was written in June  of 2011. Have we seen any of this come to fruition today? Unless you’ve been  living in a cave, the answer is yes. What we see happening in the Middle East  right now – with Syria, Iran, and the USA – is something that Obama needs to  make happen so that the job given him by the Saudis (part of the Global Elite)  will take place.

Obama has other jobs as well, like pushing ObamaCare. Of course, when that  fails – and it will – the US will move to a single-payer  system. What this ultimately means is that the federal government would  collect all the funds for health insurance and would be responsible for it. In  essence, it is socialism because the government would own it. Yet, the Dems and  Progressives will deny that until it’s in place, then they’ll continue to deny  it.

Obama has a lot on his plate and he has been making remarkable inroads. He is  getting it done and is allowing nothing to stand in his way. His actions have  proven he does not care about the Constitution or current rule of law. If a  court rules against him, he continues as if it had not. He is now telling us  that Al-Qaeda are the good guys. I would not be surprised if the Islamic flag  is  one day flown over the White House while Obama is president.

All of this makes us question the validity of Obama’s assertion that he is a  Christian. I believes his words and actions provide us with the  answer.

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2 thoughts on “Barack Obama Is Advancing the Islamization of America

  1. Why is he still in office. No one in power is bucking him.

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