Fact: Obama Regime Sent More Guards To WWII Memorial Than Benghazi…

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Via Washington Examiner:

The National Park Service is sending so many officials out to shut down federal parks from visiting Americans that at this rate it might have to suspend furloughs if the government closure continues.

Two examples:

– At the World War II Memorial on The Mall in Washington, where veterans have been staging protests to keep it open, Washington Examiner’s Charlie Spiering reports that at least seven officials were dispatched Wednesday morning to set up a ring of barricades to block tourists from the memorial. That is two more than the State Department had in Benghazi a year ago on the night of the terrorist attack that killed four, including the U.S. ambassador.

– National Park Officials closed down the educational Claude Moore Colonial Farm near the CIA in McLean, Va., even though the federal government doesn’t fund or staff the park popular with children and schools. Just because the privately-operated park is on Park Service land, making the federal government simply its landlord, the agency decided to close it.

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Harry Reid Leaks John Boehner Emails on Obamacare – Did Boehner Lobby Obama to Get Exemptions for Congress & Staff?

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The following could be hazardous to your political health if you are one of  those people who truly believes there is no difference between the Democrats  and  establishment Republicans (notice I said establishment Republicans).   Senate  Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office has leaked emails between him and  Speaker of  the House John Boehner’s office which demonstrate that Boehner may  have  coordinated with Reid to exempt Congress from Obamacare.

john-boehner-20a9d07d6bd4c02aThe  emails from Boehner’s office were authored by his chief of staff Mike Sommers  and those emails were leaked by Reid’s chief of staff David Krone, who  apparently has a history of doing this type of thing.

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D.C. Dem Mayor Grants CAIR Its Wish, Proclaims October “Islamic Heritage Month”

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D.C. Mayor  Vincent C. Gary issues proclamation honoring October as America’s Islamic  Heritage Month
District of Columbia, October 1, 2013:  America’s Islamic  Heritage  Museum (AIHM) announced, The Mayor of the District of Columbia issuing  a  Proclamation honoring the month of October as America’s Islamic  Heritage  month. This year is the eighth annual celebration of October as  America’s  Islamic Heritage month in the District.  This year’s theme is  “Connecting  People Using Culture and History.”
The Mayor  calls upon all the  residents of this great City to join him in  celebration and recognition of the  history and contributions of the  Islamic Community.
The Muslim  communities throughout our  region are encouraged to host open houses and  educational events that  highlight our diversity, contributions, and history.  Our public schools  are  encouraged to learn about America’s rich Islamic history, to teach  tolerance  and understanding, and to visit AIHM museum. 

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