Obama Eligibility Attorney Larry Klayman Sets Date for Revolution to End Obama’s ‘Reign of Terror’

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In the wake of bikers roaring through the streets of DC in protest and just  ahead of a planned shut down of DC by truckers, founder of Judicial Watch Larry  Klayman has set a date of November 19,2013 on which he is calling for Americans  to “descend on Washington, D.C., en masse, and demand that he leave town and  resign from office if he does not want to face prison time” for pushing “his  Muslim, socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-illegal  immigrant, pro-radical gay and lesbian agenda.”

Klayman is an attorney  who has  brought numerous  cases against Barack Obama concerning his eligibility to hold the office of  President of the United States.  However, instead of the judges in these cases  allowing them to go forward, they are dismissing them.  So far, that has not  been the case with the Alabama  Supreme Court, in which mulitiple  Obama birth certificates have surfaced.

He has also mused about  a military coup to oust Barack Obama following the Egyptian uprising that  ousted  former Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi earlier this  year.

Larry Klayman claims  that Obama, “like Morsi before his downfall,” is “pushing the American people  to  the limit” and “playing with fire among the military.”

“If this display by our  most distinguished and honored American military heroes is any indication,  given  the state of affairs generally in this nation, which borders on total  political,  economic, moral and ethical collapse,” Klayman asks, “is it  inconceivable that  one day the military in this country could rise up in  support of not only the  American people, but themselves, and remove Obama and  his radical Muslim,  socialist comrades by whatever means prove necessary to  preserve the  republic?”

There have been many  calls for a revolution from Klayman involving demonstrations, using the same  tactics of Mahatma Gandhi and Egyptian protestors to “shut the city down, by  blocking roads and massing in front of the White House” and “bringing the  victims of his reign of terror” to Lafayette Park.

In fact, Klayman says  that Obama is worse than King George III.

“King George III may  have been a greedy ‘control freak,’ but at least he was a Christian. The United  States is being run by a Muslim bent on furthering an Islamic caliphate who  seeks to destroy our spirituality and the body politic of our Judeo-Christian  roots.”


With that said, Klayman  encouraged Americans to rid the nation of the usurper.

“Let us now walk in  their footsteps and march into to Washington, D.C., this November 19th, and rid  the nation of the criminal who lurks in our White House,” he  said.

According to Klayman, an uprising is  needed “to cleanse the nation of the half-Muslim, anti-white, socialist fraud  in  the White House before the nation goes under for the final  count.”

Klayman added,  “And, when we do converge on and ‘Occupy Washington’ in the millions on a date  to be announced for the week before Thanksgiving, the people may think about  chanting: ‘Mr. President (to use the term loosely), put the Quran down, get up  off your knees and come out with your hands up!’

“[Obama] will finally  know that his time has come to leave his perverted, Islamic concept of Mecca,  our nation’s hallowed capital,” Klayman concludes.  “I do not advocate violence, but it is time we show Obama that we mean  business.  He would be well advised to ride off into his Islamic sunset, link up  with 72  virgins and party on at his expense – not ours.”

Here’s the text, in  part, of Larry Klayman’s latest call  for Revolution:

On November 19,  2013, a day that will hopefully live on in the history of our once great  republic, I call upon millions of Americans who have been appalled and  disgusted  by Obama’s criminality – his Muslim, socialist, anti-Semitic,  anti-Christian,  anti-white, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-radical gay and lesbian  agenda – among  other outrages, to descend on Washington, D.C., en masse, and  demand that he  leave town and resign from office if he does not want to face  prison  time.
I further propose that we borrow the techniques perfected  and used  by such epic crusaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, to show Obama and his  enablers  that the American people are more than fed up and will not take it  anymore. The  millions who are being summoned to our nation’s capital should,  like Gandhi did  in India and South Africa, peacefully shut the city down, by  blocking roads and  massing in front of the White House chanting for Obama to  get out of our  nation’s capital. In addition, I propose bringing the victims of  his reign of  terror to a podium across from the White House in Lafayette Park  to give their  testimony on how he has singularly severely harmed and in some  instances even  killed their loved ones through his actions.

We  must act now.  Our Founding Fathers pledged their sacred honor, fortunes, and  lives to form a  new nation under God. They knew that the odds of defeating the  British were not  great, save for His Divine grace and intervention. Now, 237  years after they  signed the Declaration of Independence in my native city of  Philadelphia, the  nation has come full circle to the tyranny that has been  imposed by a new  despot, one far more evil than King George III. King George  III may have been a  greedy “control freak,” but at least he was a Christian.  The United States is  being run by a Muslim bent on furthering an Islamic  caliphate who seeks to  destroy our spirituality and the body politic of our  Judeo-Christian  roots.
Life is not easy. It requires risk and sacrifice.  If as a nation  we want to restore our freedom, and we are on the verge of being  enslaved under  Obama’s socialist Muslim inclinations, we must take our fight to  a new level.  Tea partiers, bikers, construction workers, police officers,  school teachers,  farmers, truckers, clergy, housewives, husbands, students,  doctors, lawyers and  all elements of our society who see our nation slipping  away into the abyss,  must now stand tall and descend on the capital, much like  the Egyptians recently  did in ousting another radical Muslim, their then  president Mohammed Morsi. If  the Egyptians can seek to rid their country of the  poison of the Muslim  Brotherhood without any real history of democracy, then we  Americans, who know  what democracy is and have practiced it prior to the  ascension of the great  usurper, can and must succeed.
Obama has now been  convicted of having  defrauded the American people into electing him as  president. Even more so than  Nixon during Watergate, he has no legitimacy to  remain president and must be  forced to resign. If We the People do not demand  justice and remove him from  office, then we will be furthering his fraud and we  will have no one but  ourselves to blame for the death of the greatest nation  ever to have been on  this earth.
In the words of one of our great  Founding Fathers and an  architect of our Constitution, “we must, indeed, all  hang together, or assuredly  we shall all hang separately.” Benjamin Franklin  walked the walk along with the  likes of George Washington, John Adams, and  Thomas Jefferson. Let us now walk in  their footsteps and march into to  Washington, D.C., this November 19th, and rid  the nation of the criminal who  lurks in our White House. Let us send a message  to the other corrupt government  officials of all political persuasions, that  this is our nation, not theirs.  Let’s “Occupy Washington” and restore freedom to  our  shores!

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/09/obama-eligibility-attorney-larry-klayman-sets-date-for-revolution-to-end-obamas-reign-of-terror/#ixzz2gQ8LDSGq Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/09/obama-eligibility-attorney-larry-klayman-sets-date-for-revolution-to-end-obamas-reign-of-terror/#dT8GMhDdrOICmxSm.99

3 thoughts on “Obama Eligibility Attorney Larry Klayman Sets Date for Revolution to End Obama’s ‘Reign of Terror’

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius.com and commented:
    Uprisings are not consistent with law. I am not a fan of uprisings as they tend to lead to greater harm. At least with law, the nation remains unharmed and undisturbed in civility. Posting this article as informational, only. Uprisings are very serious and are reserved for rare occasion of different actions taken against the People. I’m not comfortable with uprisings. That’s my 2 cents.

    • It’s good to put your two cents in. While I’m not a fan of uprisings either, if we allow tyranny to continue would we kick ourselves later for doing nothing?

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