Homeland Security Documents Found in Target Parking Lot

American Thinker

After  a raid on a lumber business near Richmond, Virginia, an anonymous passerby found  the Homeland Security staging documents in the  parking lot of a Target store.

 On  Thursday Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations  executed search warrants at the Lumber  Liquidator’ s Virginia headquarters in Toano. Another business location for  the hardwood-flooring retailer in suburban Richmond was also searched. At the  time, a spokesman for the feds declined to say whether the warrant was related  to a particular person or for the company as a whole. Lumber Liquidators has 305  stores in North America.

 In  a statement, the company said it was cooperating to provide information and documentation to  “answer questions relating to the importation of certain  products.”

 On  Friday, September 27, NBC 12, a local affiliate, reported it had inside  information [See video]  on the reason for the raid:


NBC12 uncovered  information that says the reason for this raid is that protected wood was  being illegally imported. The investigation reveals that the wood  species is part of the habitat of the highly endangered Siberian  tiger.

The  wood originates in Russia and is processed in China, but according to  information on the documents, government agents suspect the it was declared as coming from other countries. That would be a  violation of the “Lacey Act,” which combats trafficking of “illegal” wildlife,  fish and  plants.


But  that’s not all NBC 12 uncovered. The station’s anonymous  source known as “Eric” explained how he discovered documents pertaining to  the plan.

 He  says he found Homeland Security’s Operation Plan in the parking lot of the  Target on West Broad Street. Those documents do say that was supposed to be the  staging area in Henrico.  Agents also raided the headquarters in  Toano.

The  main objective of the plan: to collect emails and documents that could prove the  company is importing illegal wood from Russia. Eric says somebody should  not have been so careless and people have the right to transparency. The  papers also have the names and cell phone numbers of the agents  involved.

I  think it just points to government insecurity really…I think the people have  the right to know what the government is doing.

 The  Target store is located near Lumber Liquidators in Henrico County. ‘Eric’ says  he has not planned to do anything with the documents while Homeland Security has  refused to comment “on the lost file.”

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3 thoughts on “Homeland Security Documents Found in Target Parking Lot

  1. Good Lord! I just cracked up laughing. These people can’t even keep up with their own documents!!! How secure we are now, aren’t we! LOL
    The only threat to us are the Feds.

  2. I am just disgusted. How the hell can they keep an entire country, supposedly, safe, when when can’t even keep up with their own documents!

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