Barack Obama Should Be Charged With Treason for Aiding Terrorist Organizations

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Over the past few days, the world has been reminded of the dangers of  terrorism born from radical Islam. The first  attack happened at a busy shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya where a Somali  terror group with links to Al Qaeda killed at least 60 people and took many  more  hostage. At present, it seems that at least 5 and perhaps as many as 10 of  the  terrorists were  American citizens.

The second attack came in the form of twin  suicide bombings at an All Saints Church, which is a Christian church in  Peshawar, Pakistan. The terrorist group responsible for this is also Al Qaeda  linked with headquarters in Palestinian territory. This attack killed at least  120 people. The reason for the attack is said to be because of American drone  strikes in Pakistan.

These recent attacks only echo the mindset behind terrorist groups such as Al  Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and all radical Islamic terrorist  organizations. 

This year alone we have witnessed the barbarism of an Al Qaeda rebel fighter  in Syria cutting the heart out of a government soldier and eating it. (WARNING:  The following videos are graphic in nature)

More recently, Syrian rebels who have links to radical Islamic terror groups  have been beheading Syrians not linked to radical Islamic groups.

The bottom line with such groups is the destruction of anyone who is  non-Muslim in general and American Christians in particular.


Supposedly,  because of the events of 9-11 having been carried out by Al Qaeda, we now live  in a Socialistic Dictatorship beginning with the Patriot Act, National Defense  Authorization Act, and many other anti-Constitutional bills signed into law  over  the last decade, as well as over nine hundred Executive Orders signed into  law  by Barack Hussein Obama alone since taking office.

On the surface, one would think the US is very serious about the security and  protection of its citizens from terrorism. However, it seems the US government  really doesn’t consider Al Qaeda or any other terrorist organization a threat  since we have been aiding these groups overseas since Libya.

Almost since Obama took office, the US has aided terrorist groups  financially, with arms, and militarily as was the case in Libya. Since the  bombing campaign in Libya to overthrow the Gaddafi regime, this Administration  helped destroy the Mubarak regime in Egypt and replace it with the Muslim  Brotherhood. As we have seen this year, the Egyptian people didn’t appreciate  this and demanded their American backed radical Islamic government be replaced.  


Obama demand that Libya’s Gaddafi and Egypt’s Mubarak be replaced by radical  Islamic governments only helped to destabilize an area already constantly in  chaos. President Obama has been helping terrorist organizations acquire the  governments in many countries throughout N. Africa, the Mid-East, and Indonesia  since taking office.

The recent desire to bomb Syria and help terrorist organizations come to  power there, follows along the same mindset of disposing governments who do not  support radical Islam.

The excuse in Syria was that the Bashar Assad regime used chemical weapons in  its war with the rebels. What many do not realize is the most recent UN  report on Syria cannot without a doubt say just who used the chemical weapons,  only that they were used.

A few months ago, a UN  report suggested it was the rebels who first used chemical weapons and not  the Assad Regime.

In any case, we have a President who is supporting the very factions  worldwide we are told are the enemy. 

Since we are told terrorism is supposed to be the danger, any American  citizen couldn’t send money to Al Qaeda without being accused of being a  traitor  to their country, and they most assuredly would be arrested and tried  on charges  of Treason. Yet, President Obama has done everything in his power to  aid the  enemy in this respect.

Currently, the US is on shaky ground financially with the largest deficit in  history. Unemployment is around 18% when all who are unemployed are counted,  not  just those who are receiving unemployment benefits. 

Recently, in a cost cutting measure the House voted to cut food stamps by two  billion.

Despite all our money problems here in the US, the President continues to  send hundreds of billions of dollars to radical Islamic terrorist organizations  around the world.

It is time Americans wake up and not only demand that President Obama be  impeached, but brought up on charges of Treason.

With thousands of lives lost in our military since the War on Terror began,  along with the over a million lives lost worldwide, we cannot allow this  President to degrade and decimate the honor of those who lost their lives  defending this nation against those who we were told are the  enemy.

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