***Hairy Harry and Bama Are The True Enemies of America***

Free Republic

As Ted Cruz so correctly pointed out, it is Hairy Harry and bama who are threatening the shut down that let’s the country suffer for the ego of the boy king child god who celebrates himself every moment of every day…..who tries every day to harm the middle class with rising prices and lower wages, who robs the minority communities of the desire to be free and stand on their own like other Americans.

bama and hairy who keep the blacks down on the farm by giving them endless handouts, denying the social ills that tear apart their community and are working as hard as possible to enslave the Hispanics into the same plantation…

Yes, lying media propagandists spread the word of the child god like the sirens of death from mythology….and try to shame real Americans from hanging on to their heritage….

But be warned: the truth will rise and history will be very hard on you and your legacy and those who carry your name…..

The devil lives in the hearts of some men, but so does the Lord, and the Lord has a way of coming out ahead, just like women, (whom any married man can tell you, always win)

And to those in the congress and media who are his minions, orcs and trolls and the like dressed up in party names which are used as disguises…you too will find the Lord knows you behind your mask, and will face you and your crimes in the days ahead….

Sleep well you two, your book of crimes grows every day…