Former Special Forces Commander: Now It’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for Christians

( – Many commanders in the Department of Defense are  violating the religious rights of service members, forcing them to be  quiet about their moral opposition to homosexuality and gay marriage,  for instance, and, in effect, imposing a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy on  Christians, said Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin, the former  commander of the U.S. Special Forces Command.

In an interview, asked Gen. Boykin, now the executive  vice president of the Family Research Council (FRC), “Given the  violation of religious liberties that have been going on, do you think  that, ironically, Christians are being forced into the closet? Being  forced to basically Don’t Talk, Don’t Tell, if they’re a Christian?” (at 7:43 into audio clip)

Boykin said, “Yes, it’s a real turnabout where you, at one time, had  to come out of the closet to admit you’re homosexual, and now you have  to come out of the closet to admit that you’re a Christian.”

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1 Million Truckers Protest Now Joined By Canadian Counterparts

Freedom Outpost

In the recent article 1  Million Truckers to Protest Obama by Shutting America Down for 3 Days in  October, I reported the Facebook page, Truckers  to Shut Down America, was urging truckers to drive to DC October 11-13,  2013  and Americans to boycott in support of the truck drivers by ceasing all  money  transactions for those days.  At the time of that article, the site had  little  over 10,000 likes.  I wanted to provide an update.

Three days after I wrote about the march, the site has garnered over 67,000  likes and new developments have arisen that could only have happened due to the  overwhelming support for our hard working truck driving friends.

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FBI Instructed to Break Rules Banning Interactions With Terrorist Co-Conspirator CAIR

PJ Media

Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) pulled out a Sharpie marker and wrote in big block letters at the bottom of a letter: ”THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. THE FBI MUST COMPLY WITH THE LAW.”

The letter was addressed to FBI Director James Comey:


Wolf was referring to the FBI’s violation of the ban on cooperation with the unindicted co-conspirator terrorist organization CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), according to a just-released DOJ Inspector General report. CAIR was determined to be related to the web of terrorist financing during the Holy Land Foundation trials in Dallas, a trial which resulted in guilty verdicts. Afterwards, the FBI issued a blanket policy: no cooperation in the field with CAIR.

But the FBI’s Office of Public Affairs issued instructions to ignore the policy.

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Pressure Builds on Boehner Over Benghazi

Family Security Matters

Informed speculation mounted at Monday’s Accuracy in Media conference, which  officially launched the Citizens’  Commission on Benghazi, that House Speaker John Boehner’s opposition to a  Watergate-style congressional committee to investigate Benghazi stems from his  knowledge of arms shipments to al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya and Syria.

The al-Qaeda terrorist attack on the American diplomatic mission at Benghazi, in Libya, on September 11, 2012,  resulted in the deaths of four Americans, who were left to die, rather than be  rescued, and has been called by some the “Benghazi Betrayal.”

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