Florida Man To Be Disciplined For Facebook Post About Islam?

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Palm Beach County Public Affairs staffer John Jamason is being investigated  for a Facebook post about Islam. There is every chance that he could be  disciplined for making a “critical” statement about Islam on 9/11. Since when is it a crime to post a statement like this on one’s  personal Facebook page? Where is the man’s right to free speech? Apparently  free speech is a secondary issue when one of Florida’s leading Muslim groups is  offended.


John Jamason

John Jamason

John  Jamason incited the wrath   of Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida, Inc because of a Facebook  post about Islam. On Friday, September 13, the group   demanded that all social media posts made by Jamason be turned over to them  for inspection. They asked for a public records request to the county commission asking for communication  sent by Jamason from any country computer within the past 3o days. This  includes  social media comments or anything that would be deemed personal.

On  9/11.2013, Jamason wrote on his Facebook page,” “Never forget. There is no  such thing as radical Islam. All Islam is radical. There may be Muslims who  don’t practice their religion, much like others. The Quran is a book that  preaches hate,” the message said, according to WPTV.”

John Jamason is precisely correct. All Islam is radical. The Quran preaches  nothing but hate. Everything he said is 100 percent truth and nothing that  everyone truly aware with the nature of Islam has not said on social media and  posted over and over again. This is free speech. But will speaking out cost  Jamason his job?

If CAIR Florida has its way, yes. Posting about Islam is one exception to the  free speech declaration in the Constitution. Most people just don’t know about  it yet, until it’s too late.

Palm Beach County Administrator Bob  Weisman said that Jamason would have been fired by now, had he not been a  merit system employee. “If he was an at-will employee, for which I do have more  discretion, I would be considering his termination today for the ignorance of  his comments and that they are hurtful to part of our community,” Weisman told  WPTV.

Really, Jamason would be fired for this statement if he was not a merit  system employee? This shows how much bullying power organizations like CAIR  have  on citizens. They went so far as to request  all of the emails Jamason may have received to and from Muslims, Muslim  organizations, Islam, and Islamic organizations for the past 60 days. If they  can get all this information, they can throw their weight around as much as  they  want. And public officials cower.


The  private rights of employees on social media and for other modes of  communication are protected by the U.S. Constitution and relevant law,” Weisman  said.

Are they? If they were protected by law, why they lengthy investigation into  Jamason’s personal emails and social media postings? The only reason this is  happening is because of CAIR. And official’s fears of offending Islam. When it  comes to speaking out about Islam, privacy is nonexistent.

With Florida  Pastor Terry James’s arrest on 9/11 for having kerosene soaked Koran’s, it  appears that Florida is being held hostage by CAIR Florida. Based in Tampa,  they  were already out  the day of the “burning” looking for who might be responsible for the  burning of the Koran.

“Allah  and his,” read Samantha Bowden, CAIR Tampa’s Communication Director. “I saw  a couple pieces fluttering. Looked closer. All in these grooves, there were  just  bits and bits,” she said.

CAIR  Florida has their hands in each of these incidents, threatening. That’s what  they do best. CAIR  is Hamas. They are virtually one and the same. CAIR’s strong ties to the  Muslim Brotherhood are also well documented. This is a terrorist organization  fronting a group whose message is “fighting stereotypes” and proclaiming civil  liberties.

That  is everyone’s civil liberties that are in line with CAIR’s thinking. And they  aim to destroy the civil liberties of those who dare speak the truth about  Islam. And with deep governmental support, taking out dissenters should be  easy.

Jamason  said, ““If I owe anybody an apology, it would be the county commissioners  and county administration just for the fact that you’re all on my porch. No, I  don’t think I owe anybody an apology, I didn’t say anything offensive,” he  reportedly said.

He  didn’t do or say anything offensive. But when it comes to Islam, there is  nothing too small or insignificant that cannot be deemed  “offensive.”

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/09/florida-man-to-be-disciplined-for-facebook-post-about-islam/#ixzz2fEkqjLUk Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/09/florida-man-to-be-disciplined-for-facebook-post-about-islam/#M1RV0JcoeVXbYGlH.99

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