Militarization Of Universities: Ohio State Buys Mine-Resistant, Armored-Plated Military Vehicle


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What possible reason would a university have for owning a mine-resistant, armor-plated vehicle?  What are Ohio State students doing in their off-time?  Have they been building IEDs in the college chemistry lab?  Has the physics team been building anti-tank weapons?  Maybe the shooting team has been using TOW missiles.  Or do they just fear what the students will do when they finally see their tuition bills?  Actually, it’s not funny, and the questions aren’t moot, when the first students get run over and killed by the massive military vehicle.

According to the Daily Caller,

The Ohio State University Department of Public Safety has acquired an armored military vehicle that looks like it belongs in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Gary Lewis, a senior director of media relations at OSU, told The Daily Caller via email that the “unique, special-purpose vehicle is a replacement” for the “police fleet.” He called the armored jalopy “an all-hazard, all-purpose, public safety-response vehicle” with “obviously enhanced capabilities.”

Lewis did not specify exactly what previous mode of transport was replaced. …

The vehicle looks like an MRAP, which is the general name for an armored fighting vehicle designed to survive ambushes and improvised explosive device (IED) attacks. Lewis mentioned nothing about IEDs or ambushes in his email to TheDC. Instead, the school envisions a number of uses for the vehicle including “officer rescue,” “hostage scenarios,” “bomb evaluation” and active killers loose on campus.

The vehicle also boasts a “sniper perch” and it is ideal “for crew protection under threat of explosives and small arms fire.”

Maybe the people running the Liberal universities see what the uber-militarized Homeland Security is up to and don’t want to be left behind.  What do you think?

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Florida Man To Be Disciplined For Facebook Post About Islam?

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Palm Beach County Public Affairs staffer John Jamason is being investigated  for a Facebook post about Islam. There is every chance that he could be  disciplined for making a “critical” statement about Islam on 9/11. Since when is it a crime to post a statement like this on one’s  personal Facebook page? Where is the man’s right to free speech? Apparently  free speech is a secondary issue when one of Florida’s leading Muslim groups is  offended.


John Jamason

John Jamason

John  Jamason incited the wrath   of Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida, Inc because of a Facebook  post about Islam. On Friday, September 13, the group   demanded that all social media posts made by Jamason be turned over to them  for inspection. They asked for a public records request to the county commission asking for communication  sent by Jamason from any country computer within the past 3o days. This  includes  social media comments or anything that would be deemed personal.

On  9/11.2013, Jamason wrote on his Facebook page,” “Never forget. There is no  such thing as radical Islam. All Islam is radical. There may be Muslims who  don’t practice their religion, much like others. The Quran is a book that  preaches hate,” the message said, according to WPTV.”

John Jamason is precisely correct. All Islam is radical. The Quran preaches  nothing but hate. Everything he said is 100 percent truth and nothing that  everyone truly aware with the nature of Islam has not said on social media and  posted over and over again. This is free speech. But will speaking out cost  Jamason his job?

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