Barack Obama Engages in More Criminal Activity – Waives Ban on Arming

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Barack Obama has officially waived a legal provision that he had no intention  of following anyway. Yet, one has to wonder how blatant this administration  would have to be before America would wake up and see them for who they are.  The  CIA has been suspected of running terrorist campaigns for decades. The  Director  of the CIA, John  Brennan is a Muslim, who may be on his own personal jihad at the expense of  his fellow Americans. Our government was already aiding terrorist  organizations,  regardless of any laws, which made Brennan a nice fit.

Want examples? I’ll give you a couple of examples.

How about The Muslim Brotherhood? Egypt could do no wrong before their  revolution. We provided them tanks and fighter jets with a nice wad of cash to  make sure that they were allowed to reign down terror without running out of  funds to do so. An  Egyptian paper reported recently that Obama himself is a member of The Muslim  Brotherhood.

What about the February  17th Martyr’s Brigade? Are you aware that our government was paying  Al Qaeda to defend the diplomatic mission in Benghazi?

And let’s not forget about the revelation that the CIA was on  the grounds in Benghazi. What were they doing? They were running  weapons. This is what the CIA does. Have you ever wondered why many of  these  terrorists have ties back to America, from Osama Bin Laden to Mohamed  Morsi, who happened to be a professor at USC? Did you know that?

At any rate, Obama has made it official.

The Washington Examiner reports:   

President Obama waived a provision of federal law designed to  prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups to clear the way for the U.S. to  provide military assistance to “vetted” opposition groups fighting Syrian  dictator Bashar Assad.

Some elements of the Syrian opposition are associated with radical  Islamic terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, which was responsible for the  Sept. 11 attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa., in 2001.  Assad’s regime is backed by Iran and Hezbollah.

The president, citing his authority under the Arms Export Control  Act, announced today that he would “waive the prohibitions in sections 40 and  40A of the AECA related to such a transaction.”

Those two sections prohibit sending weaponry to countries described in  section 40(d): “The prohibitions contained in this section apply with respect  to  a country if the Secretary of State determines that the government of that  country has repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism,”  Congress stated in the Arms Control Export Act.

“For purposes of this subsection, such acts shall include all activities  that the Secretary determines willfully aid or abet the international  proliferation of nuclear explosive devices to individuals or groups or  willfully  aid or abet an individual or groups in acquiring unsafeguarded  special nuclear  material,” the law continues.

The law allows the president to waive those prohibitions if he  “determines that the transaction is essential to the national security  interests  of the United States.”

Under section 40(g) of the AECA, the Obama team must also provide  Congress — at least 15 days before turning over the weapons — “the name of any  country involved in the proposed transaction, the identity of any recipient of  the items to be provided pursuant to the proposed transaction, and the  anticipated use of those items,” along with a list of the weaponry to be  provided, when they will be delivered, and why the transfer is key to American  security interests.


It gets worse my friends. The dictator has support. He doesn’t just have  support from Democrats, he has support of Republicans, as well. Bob Corker is  quickly climbing up the ranks of the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) with this  situation in Syria. Check out his justification for a Terrorist President who  has decided to arm his terrorist friends…

RT reports:  

Still, US politicians believe national intelligence community can ensure  that the military assistance goes to the right hands.

“Our intelligence agencies, I think, have a very good handle on who to  support and who not to support, “Senator Bob Corker said on CBS on Sunday. “And  there’s going to be mistakes. We understand some people are going to get arms  that should not be getting arms. But we still should be doing everything we can  to support the free Syrian opposition.”

The US, France and UK announced their intention to provide more help to  the Syrian opposition after a Monday meeting of foreign ministers in Paris. US  Secretary of State said the US pursuits a political solution of the Syrian  crisis, which would deliver a future Syria without Bashar  Assad.

Has the West gone mad? I don’t care what your intentions are.  It is not OK  to aid the enemy. This is a slap in the face to so many people who have lost  loved ones at the hands of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

There is only one silver lining that I can see in any of this, and that is  quite simply that they are no longer trying to hide it. We have been supporting  terrorists all along, and the administration finally admits it.

This is so wrong in so many ways. Ten  thousand Americans died between 9/11 and the subsequent wars we have  fought.  They died at the hands of Al Qaeda or related terrorists groups and  governments.  Our elected officials don’t seem to give 10,000 dead Americans the  time of day.  They have no respect for their families or our recent history.  Yesterday’s  bitter enemy is today’s best friend; whatever pushes the agenda  forward.

Let’s openly aid terrorists. At least they aren’t hiding it anymore.

But what is it going to take for Americans to wake up? How do you get through  to Obama supporters?

Folks, this is not just Obama. It’s a large majority of our elected officials  who are complicit and fueling this train wreck. It is not just the democrats.  People need to understand that.

I don’t know what it is going to take to wake people up, but I will keep  yelling until they do so.

If you want to help, please share this or one of the stories I quoted from. I  know it is disheartening, but we must keep up the fight. There is hope. 18  months ago I was that guy who was eating Cheetos and didn’t care much about  anything going on around me. People do wake up, but they won’t wake up unless  we  keep screaming.

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