John Kerry Stonewalls: Refuses to Make Benghazi Survivors Available to Congress

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While Congress debates and eventually votes on the possible military action  against Syria, it must also continue to deal with the unsolved and unresolved  terrorist attack on the American outpost in Benghazi, Libya.  It has been  previously reported that as many as 21 Americans were working in the CIA annex  near the outpost, and Congress  has been pushing to interview those survivorsPrevious  reports also indicated that the CIA was routinely  polygraphing its operatives in an effort to keep  secret any information surrounding the incidents on Sept. 11, 2012, in  Benghazi.

On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry, informed Congress he “will not  honor the request to make Benghazi survivors available for questioning,”  according to CBS news reporter Sheryl Attkisson and reported by The  Blaze.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, sent a   formal  letter to Kerry on Monday “demanding access to the survivors of the Sept.  11, 2012, terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya.”

The letter stated Congress, on Aug, 14, 2013, had requested, “State  Department survivors of the attacks appear for transcribed interviews;”  however,  the State Department, in its Aug. 23, 2013 response, indicated it was  “not  prepared to support the request for transcribed interviews.”  Rep. Issa  cited in  his letter that a recent article in Vanity Fair “described in  great  detail the events that happened on September 11, 2012, – including  details that  only persons who survived the attack could possibly know.”  Rep.  Issa also  stated that Fox News reported, late in July, it had direct  contact with  David Ubben:  one survivor the Committee has sought to interview. 

The State Department has maintained these witnesses must be insulated from  congressional investigators as they “would very likely be witnesses in any  criminal proceedings relating to Benghazi attacks,” according to Issa’s letter.   In rebuttal to that stance, the letter reminded the State Department that the  “Committee routinely speaks with law enforcement officials who may be witnesses  in various criminal proceedings.  The existence of a parallel criminal  investigation, in particular one that has produced few if any tangible results,  does not obviate the need for effective congressional oversight,” Issa wrote.  

The State Department’s own hypocrisy was revealed when Issa reminded Kerry  that during the ARB investigation, the cited reason for refusal was a non-issue  and the claim to “‘insulate'” witnesses from “‘any perception of political  influence or political accountability in fulfilling their responsibilities’  actually creates the impression that the Department is exerting its own  political influence to prevent survivors from speaking to Congress.”  

In conclusion, Issa requested the State Department make available those  witnesses who survived the Benghazi attacks to the Committee by Sept. 24, 2013,  or he would consider the use of “compulsory process.”

This is the ultimate, by the State Department, of polite stonewalling and  thumb nosing of the Congressional committee.  But, who would expect anything  different?

Hilary “What difference does it make?” Clinton and John “Fake Vietnam War  Hero” Kerry are following the instructions of their superior and idol. 


It doesn’t matter whether the Liar-in-chief pledged the cooperation of these  agencies or stated that all information would be provided to Congress.  It  doesn’t matter that Kerry said the Department would cooperate and be “open” and  “provide answers.”  If it has not been deduced by now this administration and  all those in it would lie to appease, stall, thwart an investigation and cover  their bumbling butts, along with criminal activity, it will never be deduced.  

Credibility with the administration has been lost.  Congress should deal with  the administration based on the loss of credibility by assuming every statement  is a lie, stop threatening “compulsory process,” and just do it.  By coddling  this usurper and his minions, Congress has essentially lost control to govern  this country.  It has relinquished its portion of the “checks and balances”  outlined in the Constitution and, basically, allowed this incompetent idiot to  assume the position of “pseudo” dictator.

What is that old saying – if you keep telling yourself a lie over and  over, it eventually becomes the truth?

Congress has continually lied to itself that Obama is truthful, the  administration wants transparency and the administration seeks to work with  Congress.  They have believed this self-inflicted “truth” to the point it has  now come home to roost; the administration sees Congress as no more than a  bothersome child needing to be scooted along by a parent.

My mother and grandmother once said, “if you ever lie once and it is found  out, no one will ever be able to believe or trust you again;  even though, you  may be telling the truth.”

This was sound advice.  Congress should have heeded it after the first lie  Obama spoke and then applied it to all in the Obama administration once each  one  of them told their first lie.

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