Has the Military Finally Confronted Obama?

By Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email

(Sep. 10, 2013) — At 9:20 p.m. EDT, radio host Andrea Shea King is berating military officers and members of Congress for not confronting Obama about his “malfeasance” while he has occupied the Oval Office.

Andrea Shea King is known as the “Radio Patriot”

However, an unconfirmed report on Tuesday states that five military generals have met with Obama and told him that he will be “arrested and charged with Treason for attempting to provide aid and comfort to our enemies, namely the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front in Syria.”  Since late August, Obama has been pushing the international community and Congress to approve U.S. military action in Syria as a result of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons which reportedly killed more than 1,400 people.

The Obama regime has not proven that Assad was responsible for the attack.  Assad claimed in an interview with ABC’s Charlie Rose that his soldiers were the victims of a chemical weapons attack.
Obama has indicated support for the Syrian rebels, who have committed numerous atrocities of their own and contain members of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.
King said she has been taking screen shots of The Drudge Report, which she believes are “making history.”  At 9:30 p.m. EDT, her upcoming guest is Brenda J. Elliott, co-author of the book written with Aaron Klein, “Impeachable Offenses.”
King describes the book as “scholarly” and presenting “probable causes” for Obama’s removal from office, invoking the Founding Fathers about the justification for impeaching a sitting president.
At 9:35 p.m., Elliott revealed that in 2011, the Senate was discussing Obama’s impeachment.  She said members of the House of Representatives, including progressives, began considering impeachment last year.  However, “They are not saying a word about Syria now,” Elliott said.
She predicted that more will be heard “from the left” outside of Congress, such as from Code Pink, which vocally objected to Obama’s use of drones to kill enemy combatants.  Elliott said that Code Pink members are “headed to Syria” to petition for “no bombing.”
Elliott named Bill Ayers and Cornell West as leftists who are very dissatisfied with Obama’s actions regarding Syria.  “I think the noise is going to get strongest for impeachment from the left,” Elliott said.
Enlisted members of the military swear an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and to obey the president, but officers swear to uphold the Constitution above all else.
Various members of the military have been depicted in recent days as objecting anonymously to possible deployment or action in Syria against Assad.
Elliott stated at 9:44 p.m. that a “gun-running operation” was being run through Libya to the Syrian rebels at the time that the U.S. outpost in Benghazi was attacked one year ago and four Americans were killed.  Elliot described “dozens of people involved” in transferring weapons from Libya to “Syria and other terrorists.”  She said that the weapons had been given to Libyans first, then taken away, which she speculated angered the Libyans.
King asked Elliott about her coverage of Fast & Furious, a gun-running program carried out by the U.S. Department of Justice under Eric Holder.  Elliott said that Libya and Fast & Furious were two chapters in the book which “belonged together.”
Elliott said that Klein felt that Benghazi was the most important event in the book, while she felt that “amnesty” and the “criminal illegals” were “probably the biggest threat to our country.”  Last year, Obama issued an executive order which allowed young illegals to remain in the country if they did not have a “serious” criminal record.  The edict encouraged the Department of Homeland Security to abandon deportation standards outlined in existing federal law.
Congress took no action after Obama issued the order or in response to any of his other executive orders designed to circumvent the legislative branch of the federal government.
Elliott said that the Obama regime has been “dumping illegals” in areas “near the border” with Mexico but not close to their initial point of entry into the country.  “Repatriation to another port” is a term Elliott said the Obama regime uses to describe illegals who are “dumped,” generally in “sanctuary cities.”
“What role did Obama play in this?” King asked, to which Elliott said the plan was to gain “Democrat voters.”  She referred to “prosecutorial discretion” allowed by Obama’s executive order, also called the DACA.  “The mainstream media still is not reporting that this was an executive order….It is a policy memorandum issued by then-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano,” Elliot explained.  She said that Napolitano’s memorandum has no legal standing because Congress sets immigration policy, not an executive branch department.
Elliott described the change in policy as “totally unconstitutional” and “outside the law.”
King asked Elliott to talk about “the NSA.”  “Has this been allowed by Congress?” King asked.
“Congress has allowed this to happen,” Elliott said.  “Obama has done all of this behind the scenes,” she said.  She described Obama “asking the court to remove the ban” which existed on domestic surveillance in 2011 as The Post & Email reported on Monday.
King asked about “the fusion centers,” which Elliott said filter information which goes to and from the FBI.  She said the NSA and fusion centers “fit together.”  She said that the huge amount of information gathered on Americans has “not stopped a single terrorist attack….It hasn’t produced anything.”
She mentioned a two-year study on the fusion centers which reported little productivity.  Fusion centers have labeled constitutionalists and home-schoolers “potential domestic terrorists.”
Elliott said that Obamacare was rewritten by the IRS after it was pronounced to be a “tax” by the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2012.
Various congressmen said during the August recess that the House of Representatives would “probably” have the votes to impeach Obama.
Of Obamacare, Elliott said that it “was never meant to work” but will be “difficult to repeal.”  She said it has changed the country dramatically, with many employees’ hours reduced by their employers to avoid having to provide health insurance.  “Everything is just one horrible mess,” she said.
Elliott predicted that progressives will use Obamacare to institute “single-payer” insurance, which Sen. Harry Reid has implied.  She said in her home state of New Hampshire, doctors are closing their clinics and going to work for hospitals.  She said that patients will no longer see doctors.  “We’re down to nurse practitioners,” she reported.  “This is what’s happened all over the country.”
She said “our medicine is not health care anymore,” to which King said that people may respond by using homeopathy and other natural remedies.
Elliott, who said she is a licensed acupuncturist, reported that she never participated in insurance programs when she practiced.  She predicted that health practitioners “will be put out of business” as a result of Obamacare.
In 2008, Obama promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”
A question from a listener asked if the correct action would be taken “at the correct time.”
Elliot likened the House of Representatives to “the grand jury” in considering Articles of Impeachment.  She said that she believes the impeachment is “the easy part.”
The Articles of Impeachment would then go to the Senate, which would act as the jury.
Elliott predicted that the House will keep its Republican majority in 2014.  “There is a possibility for the Senate to flip to the conservatives,” in which case impeachment could advance in that chamber.
“Even if the Senate did not kick him out of office, no president ever looks around and says, ‘I’ve got too much power,’” Elliott said.
King said that a frequent guest of hers, Elizabeth Letchworth, who was secretary of the Senate some years ago, said that Obama’s people have looked through existing law and “bastardized the system” by writing policy in similar language.  Elliott said that Obama’s aides have been researching ways in which they could bypass Congress.  “These are very wily, evil people,” she said.
“Working with Congress..they don’t do it,” King said.
“They don’t have to,” Elliott replied.
King said that Obama’s regime is “treasonous” and “unethical,” naming John Podesta.  She stated that members of The Muslim Brotherhood have been “in the White House,” including “the man behind the desk.”
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7 thoughts on “Has the Military Finally Confronted Obama?

  1. I can only wish that after four years plus of my bitching about our ballless Congress and our gutless cowardly military lack of leadership that this report is true! If the military and congress will come together they could arrest and prosecute this useless Son of a Bitch and start this Country in the right direction!
    I believe the quote goes like this:”Lead, follow or get the fuck out of the way! Something must be done and soon!

  2. I hope…I DO HOPE THIS IS REAL!!!!

  3. If the military goes in to get Obi and charge him with treason….he won’t be arrested! He will have the charge laid against at the rose garden wall…he will have about two minutes before the verdict is given and then…he meets the special firing squad for just this purpose! he can appeal the verdict three days later!

    The military has warned him before to change his ways….. he didn’t heed those warnings….. time is running out along with patience.

    • Thanks for your comments I think a lot of people are running out of patience.

    • Right before the last election, there was a plan in place that IF he got in again, they’d go after him.
      Welll, you know that old saying, “Loose Lips Sinks Ships”? ‘The Military had some kind of practice with the Russian Troops who were here.

      You got it! One of them told and it got back to Obama.
      Impeaching him IS NOT the righteous punishment for every thing he has done. He has betrayed OUR country in more ways than one. Benghazi is fresh on my mind. That, in and by itself, would have been enough.

      We do NOT impeach a sitting President for betraying the American People and the Oath that HE NEVER TOOK…he deliberately fumbled it so many times as he was sworn in both times, they gave him a pass.

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