IL Governor Pat Quinn Signs Gun Control Law that Turns Crime Victims into Potential Criminals

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Last week, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed Illinois House  Bill 1189 into law.  Though the claim was that it was tough on crime,  because of the anti-gun ideology behind it, it ends up criminalizing crime  victims.




Kurt Hofmann at the Examiner writes:   

On Sunday, Governor Pat Quinn signed Illinois House Bill 1189, a law that will, among other  things, impose requirements–on pain of criminal charges–on victims of  crime. If your gun is stolen, and you fail to promptly notify the  police, you are now the criminal.

Oh, by the way–confused by the initial description on the Illinois  General Assembly website–that the bill “amends the Sex Offender Registration  Act”? That’s what the bill would have done, before being amended to  reflect  Chicago-area Democrats’ view that gun owning crime victims pose a  greater danger  to the public than sex offenders do.

Wow!  Can you say “twisted”?

Now the victims of crime will become criminals if they fail to report the  crime to the police.  There is a catch here though.  The victim has 72 hours  from the time of discovery to report it.  In other words, the burden of proof  of  the time frame mentioned would be upon the prosecution, not the victim of  theft. 

Hofmann adds that there are two more provisions of the law that is of  interest.


“Actually, HB 1189 has another curious provision,” he writes.  “It requires  anyone selling a gun to call the Illinois State Police (an internet check  system  will supposedly be implemented some day) to check that the prospective  buyer’s  FOID (Firearm Owner Identification card, required for purchase or  possession of  guns or ammunition in Illinois) is valid–but failure to do so carries no penalty (which isn’t enough  to stop the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence from triumphantly proclaiming   “universal background checks”).”

“Oh–there is one more provision of the new law,” Kofmann adds.  “An “Only  One” who, by virtue of mental health problems would otherwise be denied a  FOID card, or have a currently held card revoked, will now have a mechanism not  available to the unwashed masses, for restoration of his/her FOID.”

While the bill would have originally required sex offender registration fees  be used to combat sex crimes, it has now been altered to make victims of crime  potential criminals, provide a “suggestive” style law with no real teeth to it  (in terms of reporting guns that have been stolen), and, of course, helps out  police officers, with a history of mental illness, to have their gun rights  restored a lot faster than you or me.

According to Illinois State Police Director Hiram Grau, this “makes perfect  sense.”

I tend to agree with  Fuzzy Slippers at Legal  Insurrection, who writes, “Isn’t this the sort of thinking that prompted  leftists to urge college students to get ‘rape  whistles‘ rather than legally-owned guns or training in self-defense?   And isn’t this twisted logic that it’s better to be a victim of a violent crime  than someone who can legally use whatever force necessary to save oneself  behind  the laughable notion that women should ’pee  themselves‘ in order to discourage rapists?”

“After all,  goes the ’thinking,’ it’s best to just arm  yourself with some scissors when a gun-wielding maniac starts firing  off rounds at a crowd than actually allowing anyone the means to shoot back, so  the fact that Illinois is punishing gun owners for the ‘crime’ of being the  victim of a crime is really no surprise.”

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4 thoughts on “IL Governor Pat Quinn Signs Gun Control Law that Turns Crime Victims into Potential Criminals

  1. this makes perfect sense in Illinois where time and time again they’ve shown that they’re for the criminals (such as o’bama)

  2. What the hell do you expect from the number one criminal capital of the nation and possibly the world! The state is a sewer plant and chicago is the center of all the sewage! Their mayors and governors are criminals and there they have one criminal after another running for and winning office positions! Why else would obama have established his first line of politics in that raunchy state! He is more crooked than a snake and fit right in! He was so crooked he and his wife both lost their rights (disbarrment) to practice law due to fraud that has been covered up after Soros paid off Illinois polticians!

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