America’s Domestic Cold War Looms Behind Growing Tyranny

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The battle lines are drawn. The great war between America’s government and  her people fast approaches.

No, this isn’t some dystopian near-future science fiction scenario. This is  present-day America we’re talking about. There’s a growing hostility between  the  U.S. government and certain incorrigible freedom-loving citizens, with the  live-and-let-lives caught on the side of their more rowdy fellows, despite best  efforts to bury their heads in the sand.

But where are all the battles? Where are the troops filling the streets?  Where are the tanks rolling across the countryside, steamrolling all dissidents  in their path? In waiting, that’s where. This isn’t a traditional armed  conflict  I’m predicting; at least, not yet. It’s a cold war. Each side is  building up its  record of hostile actions against the other, all stopping short  of the point of  no return.

First there’s the war over control of information. The degree to which the  U.S government has pursued   whistleblowers, leakers, and all those who would enforce transparency is  worrisome, almost to the point of making the American people out to be some  sort  of sworn enemy. Almost. As the Bradley  Manning trial showed, they will prudently stop short of making that overt  declaration of war.

Then we have the great petition embarrassment of 2012. In an attempt to feign  concern for the wishes of We the People, the Obama White House set up an online  petition mechanism to allow concerned citizens to offer questions and concerns  to be answered, provided they could acquire 25,000 signatures. Almost  immediately, this tool was used by the citizens of several states as a vehicle  to attempt  secession from the United States, gathering record numbers of signatures.  Naturally, the response was the most diplomatically-worded “no” possible in  this  situation, but so many voices of dissent to the point of wishing for  separation  can’t be good news for the federal government.

While we’re on the subject of searching for greater freedom for the states,  Free Staters, liberty activists seeking to move to New Hampshire in order to  consolidate reform efforts, have become targets of government discrimination.  The city of Concord, in its application for federal funds to purchase a Bearcat  armored vehicle, cited concerns of domestic terrorism, and singled  out the entirely-peaceful Free Staters as a primary source for this  concern.  Under  pressure from Free State Project President Carla Gericke, Concord Chief of  Police John Duval has since softened his wording to avoid a sense of overt  hostility towards Free Staters. But the covert hostility is still there. If one  can call buying a tank with your name on it “covert.” This isn’t an isolated  incident, either. Hundreds  of police departments are doing the same.

Meanwhile, states are pushing back hard against federal overreach through a  little thing called nullification, where a state passes a law directly contrary  to a federal regulation. Dozens of states have moved to nullify both indefinite  detention and infringements on firearm  ownership rights. The clear message to Washington of these nullification  efforts: you have no power here. Normally this would provoke a violent response  from D.C. to reassert its authority. Instead, the reaction we have had has been  very quiet.

Finally, as proof that the potential for domestic armed conflict is on  people’s minds, we have a paper detailing a fictional Tea Party armed revolution scenario. While a couple of  professors musing over how the military would destroy a citizen uprising  doesn’t  exactly constitute national policy, it’s  sign of the times  nonetheless,  reminiscent of Red Dawn and countless other Soviet conflict  scenarios from the  Cold War era. Federal agencies’ solicitation of over  a billion rounds of ammunition is fairly well-documented by now. Less  well-known is the fact that the American people have also been stocking up, purchasing  enough firearms to outfit the entire Chinese and Indian militaries just  during the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre.

The forces are marshalled and well-armed. Hostile intentions have been made  clear. The stage is set for a war over control of these United States of  America. A war that may never take place. Instead, we may be treated to years  of  a hostile standoff punctuated by occasional skirmishes and violent sparks,  all  falling short of setting the entire country ablaze with war. Only time will  tell  how this conflict will pan out. I, for one, am expecting a cold war.

Pack your jackets, kids. It’s going to be a long and chilly next few  years.

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2 thoughts on “America’s Domestic Cold War Looms Behind Growing Tyranny

  1. Thanks for sharing my piece! 🙂 It’s going to be a long and arduous conflict, but we can make it through without a lot of bloodshed.

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