Enemies both Foreign and Domestic


Family Security Matters

The President of the United States, as Commander in Chief of the Armed  Forces, is sworn to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the  United States.”

Yet, it seems that President Obama has time and time again, through both word  and deed, done everything in his power to do the exact opposite – to undermine  the Constitution.

This President – more than any other in our lifetime – has weakened  America, opening us to attacks from enemies both foreign and domestic.

From growing the nanny-state, creating more and more citizens dependent  directly on the government, to increasingly relying on foreign powers such as  China to finance our staggering debt… from pushing through job-killing  legislation such as ObamaCare, to ongoing, blatant attacks on both the family  and religion… this administration has intentionally and systematically  “sold our nation’s soul” to further their own radical agenda.

The result?  A weakened America prone to attack and the future of our  children and grandchildren at risk.

Don’t be fooled. Our enemies around the world are emboldened because of this  administration. From Iran and Russia, to North Korea and China, they all  increasingly see America as vulnerable, and the risks for us as a people are  very real and very dire. Just consider the following:

mushroom cloud

Thirty-three minutes.  From  anywhere in the world, that’s how long it would take a nuclear missile to hit a  target in the United States.

Just imagine hearing the news that a launch has taken place.  It’s hard  to even fathom the sense of chaos-the frantic search for cover…the cries for  help…and the tearful phone calls to say goodbye to loved ones.

In an age when all of American civilization could be wiped out in about as  much time as it takes to watch the evening news, we here at Family Security  Matters take that threat seriously.  And we want to see bad actors like  Iran prevented from ever getting their hands on weapons that could mean the end  of America.


Every day, this administration is making government bigger…and the rest of  America smaller.  They’ve killed our economy, gotten our people hooked on  government handouts, and withdrawn from the world at precisely the time when the  world’s most dangerous people are about to get the most potent weapons ever  created.

How long will it be until Iran gets its hands on a nuclear bomb?  One  year?  Three?  And how long will it be till every other Islamic  republic in the Middle East follows suit?  Is a nuclear-armed Middle East  five years away?  Ten? 

Fortunately, we still have more than 33 minutes left to act.  But we  don’t have long…

Through our new strategic partnership, Family Security Matters at The Harbour  League is bringing to light the threats we face as a nation and holding our  leaders accountable. Will you help us to continue to inform our fellow  citizens by making a contribution to Family  Security Matters’ Summer Campaign Fund

You understand the value of Family Security Matters when it comes to  informing Americans about today’s most pressing issues related to our nation’s  security. We can’t do this critical work with you. Will you now  give a generous donation today of $25 or even as much as $50, $100, or $250 to  support our work?  Your support will help us in this vital task to  inform and education our fellow citizens.

For Freedom, Family, and Security,

Carol A. Taber




Family Security Matters at The Harbour League

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