Egypt’s Islamic Chaos, America’s Islamic Threat

Family Security Matters

The President who, in 2009, said he thought it unseemly to “meddle” in the  affairs of Iran when protesters against its regime were being shot dead in the  streets of Tehran, announced to the world on August 15, 2013 that he was angered  by the killing of civilians in the streets of Cairo as the Muslim Brotherhood  was busy burning Christian churches and homes when they weren’t firing on the  Egyptian military that was attempting to end its efforts to impose Sharia  rule.

Egypt may be thousands of miles away but the intent of the Muslim Brotherhood  (MB) to destroy America and, of course, Israel is close to home as the  President and his national security advisors have misled Americans as to the  true intent and threat of the MB.

In his new book, “The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy”, Erick  Stakelbeck reminds the reader that in February 2011, “the Obama administration’s  Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, portray(ed) the Brotherhood as  an Egyptian version of the Peace Corps.” At the time the “Arab Spring” protests  were in full swing and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was on the verge of  being overthrown. Clapper described the MB as a “largely secular” organization  that has “pursued social ends” and a “betterment of the political order.” This  was and is utter nonsense, a deception.

Clapper is rivaled in his ignorance of Islam by the current Director of the  CIA, John  Brennan, who is a well-known fan of Arabs and Islam. He routinely refers to  Jerusalem by its Arabic name “Al-Quds” and has called jihad “a legitimate tenet  of Islam”, extolling Islam as a faith of “peace and tolerance”, of “goodness and  beauty””, that has “shaped (his) own worldview.”

The fact is that the Brotherhood has been repeatedly banned in Egypt,  starting in 1948. In 1954 the MB tried to assassinate then-president Nasser and,  as Stakelbeck notes, “The Brotherhood would be severely repressed in Egypt for  most of the next five decades.” So even in a Muslim nation, the threat the MB  represented was understood.

The battles in the streets of Cairo, Alexandria, and other Egyptian cities  reflect the ultimate intent of Islam to dominate the governance of the  Middle East and to establish a global caliphate. It is doubtful that most  Americans realize the threat it poses more than a decade past 9/11.

For reasons that historians will puzzle over for years to come, Americans  elected, not just the first black President in 2008 and, despite a record of  foreign and domestic policy failure, reelected him in 2012. They elected a man  who makes no effort to hide his deep sympathy and support of Islam.

During his June 2009 speech in Cairo, President Obama, the son of a Muslim  and adopted son of a Muslim who had spent four years of his youth in Indonesia,  an Islamic nation, had attended an Islamic school and even gone to prayers at a  mosque, said “I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United  States of America to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they  appear.”

Stakelbeck noted that “The Obama administration reportedly “insisted” that  “at least ten Muslim Brothers (who were then in opposition to the Mubarak  regime) be allowed to attend the speech.” Earlier, in January 2009, Obama gave  his first formal interview as President to the Arabic-language network  Al-Arabiya and, as we all know, in April 2009 at the G-20 Summit in London, the  President of the United States bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia  “as other Western leaders looked on in shock.”

Earlier, Stakelbeck had described “the bow” as a “shameless act of groveling,  performed in one of his first forays onto the international stage” that  “signaled that debasing America and exalting Islam would be key elements in  achieving his oft-stated goal of improving America’s image in the Muslim world.”  We are all witness to how well that has worked out.

“Just thirteen days after Islamic jihadists murdered four Americans in  Benghazi; the president stood before the world’s leaders” at the UN General  Assembly on September 25, 2012, “and uttered the now-infamous line: ‘The future  must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.'”

Founded in 1928 the Muslim Brotherhood is defined by its hatred of the West  and of Jews. Stakelbeck warns that “The MB’s much-deserved reputation for  violence, radicalism, anti-Americanism, and anti-Semitism is rapidly  disappearing in the Age of Obama” and that is why the struggle for a modern  Egypt being fought there against the MB requires the full support of the United  States as its military strives to drive its members and supporters from its  streets. Obama’s response has been to take time from playing golf to denounce  the current interim government that removed Muhammad Morsi from  office.

What do you need to know about the Muslim Brotherhood? Consider its motto:  “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law.   Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” It is devoted  to imposing Sharia law on the world, a barbaric system that promotes beheadings,  stoning, discrimination against women and other religions.

“The Muslim Brotherhood”, notes Stakelbeck, “is now present in at least  eighty countries, and according to one longtime Brotherhood leaders, boasts some  100 million adherents worldwide.”

It has long been active in the United States through a web of front  organizations.

A demonstration of its utter contempt for America is a planned “Million  Muslim March:  in Washington, D.C. on September 11 by the American  Political Action Committee “to demand social justice by the U.S.  government”, claiming that Muslims “continue 12 years later to be victimized by  being made the villains.”

Despite 9/11, despite the murder spree by Major Nidal Hasan of solders at  Fort Hood, and despite the Boston Marathon bombing, militant Muslims in America  such as AMPAC’s spokesman, Isa Hodge, are claiming that “our government either  sits idly by and does nothing to protect our freedoms or it exacerbates the  problem with its constant war on terrorism in Islamic countries…” adding  “These lies told to the American population have made it impossible for us to do  true Dawa”, the practice of proselytizing or preaching Islam.

On September 11 in the nation’s capital, the lies Hodge has spoken will be  repeated. Within them is hidden the greatest threat to the nation and the West,  to Christians, Jews, and other “unbelievers.”

Stakelbeck warns that “We’ve neutered ourselves as a society and succumbed  completely to a suicidal brand of political correctness imposed by the leftist  gatekeepers of the media, the government, and academia. We’ve also just about  dumbed ourselves down to the point of no return. And the Brothers know  it.”08-19-2013

The threat that the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, and militant Islam poses  will be like the smoke from an incipient forest fire wafting through the  nation’s capital on September 11. Actual fires are burning in Egypt these days  and our enemies live and walk among us.


© Alan Caruba, 2013

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