Attorney for Ft Hood Jihad Victims: Obama & Army “Twisted Rules” to Avoid Admitting Nidal Hasan is a Jihadist

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Major Nidal Hasan, the confessed Ft. Hood shooter that killed 13 Americans  and injured nearly 3 dozen others has been on trial.  Why the trial still  goes on after his confession is beyond me.  However, one thing is clear and  that is Barack Obama doesn’t want Nidal Hasan’s actions to be labeled as jihad  or terrorism.  He’s called it “workplace violence,” which is an insult to  anyone’s intelligence and a slap in the face of the victims and their families.   However, the attorney for the victims says that both Barack Obama and the Army  is engage in twisting the rules in order to avoid calling Nidal Hasan a  jihadist.

JihadWatch reports:  

I received this email today from Neal M. Sher, attorney for the victims of  Nidal Hasan’s murderous jihad attack at Fort Hood on November 5,  2009.

As the attorney for the victims of the Ft. Hood massacre, and their  families, I can say unequivocally that at every turn the Administration and the  Army have twisted rules, regulation and common sense into pretzels to avoid  acknowledging what Hasan himself has admitted prior to the attack and now in  court: that he is a committed and devout jihadist who is fighting for an  enemy.

The question which needs an answer: in light of his admission why has he  not been tried for treason, as was Bradley Manning? While his crimes are most  serious, he’s not a mass murderer.

Because Obama will not label Hasan’s actions as terrorism, it keeps  victims and their families from getting the benefits they need for their  injuries.  It also keeps Purple hearts from being awarded as well.

What it doesn’t do is stop the flow  of money into Nidal Hasan’s bank account.

Nidal Hasan has been treated with kid gloves by the Army during his  preparation for trial.  Though he was ordered  to shave his beard, he  rejected to do so, even making his court appearance with a full beard.

There is more to this than is being made public.  One wonders what is taking  place behind the scenes of the Nidal Hasan trial.

UPDATE:  The Blaze is reporting that several key pieces of evidence were blocked  on Monday that prosecuters say would explain the mindset of jihadist murderer  Nidal Hasan.

Prosecutors had asked the judge to approve several witnesses and various  evidence to support what they allege motivated Maj. Nidal Hasan to kill 13  people and wound more than 30 others at the Texas military base. But the judge,  Col. Tara Osborn, blocked nearly all of it.

Osborn barred any reference Hasan Akbar, a Muslim soldier sentenced to death  for attacking fellow soldiers in Kuwait during the 2003 Iraq invasion.  Prosecutors wanted to prove Hasan’s attack was a “copycat,” but the judge said  introducing such material would “only open the door to a mini-trial” of  Akbar.

She also said such evidence would result in a “confusion of issues, unfair  prejudice, waste of time and undo delay.”

The judge said prosecutors also couldn’t introduce three emails, ruling that  the needed redactions would make them irrelevant. The contents of the emails  were never disclosed, but the FBI has said Hasan sent numerous emails starting  in December 2008 to Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical U.S.-born Islamic cleric killed  by a drone strike in Yemen in 2011.

The judge also told prosecutors that they couldn’t cite Hasan’s interest  years ago in conscientious objector status and his past academic presentations.  Osborn said such evidence was too old and irrelevant.

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