September 11, 2012: A day that will live in infamy

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September  11 of 2012, just nine months ago, was the eleventh anniversary of the  Declaration of Holy War signaled by three simultaneous attacks on America by  nineteen Saudi Arabian suiciders, killing 3,000 innocent people in Manhattan, at  the Pentagon, and in the air over Pennsylvania.


That  Declaration of War came from the brutal desert theocracy of Saudi Arabia, run by  its Wahhabi priesthood.  Wahhabism follows ancient Muslim war theology  against all non-Muslims and against Muslims heretics like the Iranians.   Wahhabism runs a worldwide oil-funded missionary campaign, and mosques  built by Arabian oil billionaires are often staffed by Wahhabi imams, who preach  holy war against the rest of humanity.


“Islam”  means surrender or else.


Since  2001, the Saudis and other brutal tribal cultures have continued to finance,  agitate, indoctrinate, infiltrate, plot, threaten, manipulate, propagandize,  commit mass murder, and sabotage their First-World benefactors.  The dead  silence of the Western political and media elites about the Global Jihad means  that billions of oil dollars have bought a lot of Democrats and Crony  Media.


Across  the Gulf, the other war branch of Islam  keeps waging its own brand of murder and tyranny.  Sunnis and Shiites are  at war with each other in Syria, but they also attack the First World at every  opportunity — politically, psychologically and by acts of  terror.


Nine  months ago, on September 11 of 2012,  international news headlines showed  two photos of simultaneous al-Qaeda terror attacks on American sovereign assets.   Benghazi was the most famous assault, killing our ambassador to Libya and  three other Americans.  But al-Qaeda always commits mass murders twice on  the same day.  That is its signature.


A  second jihadist attack was therefore headlined on the same day.  It was on  our Cairo Embassy, where Qaedists briefly flew their black flag over a  burned-out part of the Embassy, long enough for their tame news photographers to  send their message around the world.


Every  Muslim in the world instantly understood the  meaning of that double-terror attack, the war signature of  al-Qaeda.  But ordinary people in the West were blinded and deceived by our  treacherous mass media, controlled by vast amounts of oil  money.


The  al-Qaeda message on September 11, 2012 was instantly understood in the White  House, where Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama, and John Brennan are intimately  familiar with the war theology of Islam.  They constantly find ways to  enable it.


The  flood of lies about Benghazi was engineered by our media and Democrat Party  Machine, to cover up al-Qaeda’s obvious message to the world.  Hillary  Clinton and her husband were of course complicit in that massive cover-up.   Oil money may be buying the Hillary run for president of the United  States. 


Today  our media-political class is still trying to make you forget September 11,  2012.


If  the media had told you the truth, Obama would have lost the  election.


Whether  you like Mitt Romney or not, the world would be much, much safer today if Obama  had been defeated.


That  is why September 11, 2012 is a day that will live in  infamy.


It  was a huge triumph of our deadly enemies against an administration and a  political class that lives by denying the very existence of our deadly  enemies.


We  now know that Obama won re-election by organized fraud and abuse of his  constitutional authority over the IRS, the FBI, and the national security  apparatus.  The Corporate Media colluded in Obama’s anti-constitutional  actions, revealing the extent of their knowledge only after the  election.


We  know that Obama is a scofflaw, laughing when he gets away with screwing the  American people and our Constitution.  Today he is clowning it up for the  hopelessly corrupt media on the golf course in Martha’s Vineyard, and like  everything else in this administration, there are no accidental signals.   This is the fundamental nature of our One Party Machine  today.


This  column has previously described Obama’s malignant narcissism and oppositional  defiant disorder.  His day-to-day behavior continues to add to a mountain  of evidence.  Every government and intelligence agency in the world knows  all about Obama, and so does the Democratic Party Machine.


Still,  the American people are kept in the dark.  We are a laughingstock around  the world, and frankly, we will deserve the contempt of the world until we learn  to face reality.


Here  is a partial breakdown of 9/11/12 malfeasance.


1.  Within minutes of the attack in Benghazi, President Obama, directly or  indirectly, ordered the U.S. military not to protect Ambassador Stevens and the  30 or so CIA personnel who were under assault. 


This  week, USAF Colonel (ret.) Phil Handley publicly explained the nature of that  betrayal.


The  combat code of the US Military is that we don’t abandon our dead or wounded on  the battlefield. In US Air Force lingo, fighter  pilots don’t run off and leave their wingmen. If one of our own is shot  down, still alive and not yet in enemy captivity, we will either come to get him  or die trying.

Among  America’s fighting forces, the calm, sure knowledge that such an irrevocable  bond exists is priceless. Along with individual faith and personal grit, it is a  sacred trust that has often sustained hope in the face of terribly long  odds.

The  disgraceful abandonment of our Ambassador and those brave ex‐SEALs who fought to  their deaths to save others in that compound is nothing short of  dereliction‐of‐duty. Additionally, the patently absurd cover‐up scenario that  was fabricated in the aftermath was an outright lie in an attempt to shield the President and the Secretary of State  from responsibility.


Please  note that everyone in the world who knows the U.S. military understands these  facts very well.  The “secret” of Obama’s betrayal is therefore only a  secret to the “LoFo voters” in America.


2.  In Cairo, where we had just helped Islamic radical Mohammed Morsi rise to power,  an al-Qaeda mob overran parts of the U.S. Embassy.  In a state dominated by  police, military, and internal espionage, such mob attacks do not occur  accidentally.  Morsi was put into power by Barack H. Obama, who told  Morsi’s pro-American predecessor, President Hosni Mubarak, to resign after  thirty years of protecting the peace in the Middle East.


In  the five years since Obama became president, both branches of the Muslim war  theology have made major conquests.  Syria is now torn between the  jihadists of Iran and the jihadists of the Arabian desert.  Whichever group  wins, the civilized world will be the losers.


United  States Embassies are legally American territory, and every diplomat knows the  meaning of a mob attack on an embassy.  It means that by failing to provide  police protection in obedience to international law, the host government is  declaring a legal casus belli, a cause for war.


Notice  that this is exactly what the first jihadist regime in the world did to Jimmy  Carter in 1979 by kidnapping our diplomats in Tehran.  That international  slap in the face ended up defeating  Jimmy Carter in the election of 1980,  and bringing Ronald Reagan to the presidency.


It  was Reagan who vigorously defended America and brought the Evil Empire to a  well-deserved end.


Nine  months ago, the Obama administration and our Democrat National Machine plotted  to cover up the two 9/11/12 attacks, to avoid a repetition of the Carter debacle  and the rise of a conservative Republican administration.


That  is why our deeply corrupted IRS targeted the Reaganesque Tea Party, and tried to  destroy the most charismatic and well-qualified conservative on the national  scene today, Governor Sarah Palin.


Our  political class fears the rise of another Ronald Reagan.


Obama  and the Democrat Machine acted brutally and illegally to prevent another  Reaganite presidency.  They are still doing it every day.


3.  Long before 9/11 of last year, the Obama administration was deeply penetrated by  Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators, who have been widely exposed in the web-based  media.


As  Col. Allen  West (ret.) just wrote,


…  yes, we do have Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups and individuals infiltrated  into this current Obama administration. This is  serious.


Beginning  in the 1970s, radical Muslims bought political power in the Black Nationalist  movement.  Barack Hussein Obama has told the world in two autobiographies  that he modeled his own life after Malcolm X, the Black Nationalist.   Today, the radical left in the black community claims to stand for all  Americans of African descent.  That is of course another Big Lie.  The  radical left constantly attempts to threaten and intimidate those who disagree  with it, including courageous black people tired of seeing toxic demagogues  destroying unnumbered lives in our inner cities.


The  radical left-Muslim jihadist alliance began in the 1970s.  The evidence for  that alliance is all over the international media today, including the Egyptian  and Arabic media, which are expressing shock to see the extent to which America  has been corrupted by its internal enemies.  The anti-Morsi coup in Egypt  was conducted by nationalist and modernist political groups that did not want to  be tyrannized by the medieval Muslim Brotherhood.  Jihadists  are our  enemies — they tell us so every day — and modernist Egyptians cannot  understand why Barack H. Obama is constantly supporting those who want to  destroy us.


4.  We have just learned that Benghazi culminated in jihadist terror groups stealing  400 ground-to-air missiles, which may threaten our civilian aircraft for years  to come.


The  damage in Benghazi was not just to American lives, reputation, national pride,  international standing, and prestige.  It was material damage, threatening  our national security in a clear and present way.  The 400 sophisticated  ground-to-air missiles now controlled by jihadists are bound to be used against  us.  In the last few weeks, massive coordinated jailbreaks took place in  Yemen, Iraq, and Egypt, liberating thousands of terrorist killers who are now on  the loose.


The  United States has just forced Israel to release more than 100 convicted  terrorist killers, who may soon join the others — in Syria, where al-Qaeda  rebels are making military gains against the relatively rational regime of  Bashar Assad.  Or in Afghanistan, where the Obama regime is negotiating  with the barbaric Taliban to surrender that country to their tender mercies.   Safe-haven countries for Muslim terrorists now include Iran, the Sudan,  Arabia, Libya, and Pakistan.


Bin  Laden had to run from country to country to finally find safe haven with…the  Taliban.  That allowed al-Qaeda to plot the terror attacks on America on  the first 9/11.


We  will hear from them before this administration is finished.


5.  Obama has been actively and knowingly complicit in empowering jihadist forces  from the beginning of this administration. He has made no secret of his real  sympathies.  Will choose the Muslim side.  No slander of the Prophet  of Islam.


Imagine  FDR responding to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor by lying about Imperial  Japan.


That  is what Obama and the Democrat Machine have done to us.


In  Europe, the identical class of radical leftists are running their economy into  the ground.  The European left has also smuggled in hundreds of thousands  of easily radicalized Muslims from Pakistan, Africa, and Arabia.  Europe is  committing suicide in front of our eyes.  If the left-jihadist political  alliance is allowed to stay in power, it will destroy our country  also.


We  have real enemies, foreign and domestic.  About 100 million Americans know  exactly who they are.  Our job as citizens is to guide our nation to safety  against the malignant and corrupt network of enemies.


We  must do so by peaceful persuasion if we can.


The  alternative does not bear thinking about.

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