Obama Family Friend Cooperating with Federal Investigation of Chicago Kickback Scheme

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Dr. Eric Whitaker, a close friend of President Barack Obama, has admitted he is cooperating with federal investigators over a probe into a $433,000 kickback scheme at the Illinois Department of Public Health, an agency he once headed.  On August 9, James A. Lewis, the U.S. Attorney for the Illinois Central District, indicted Quinshaunta R. Golden, Whitaker’s chief of staff at the Illinois Department of Public Health, on charges of conspiring to divert state funds into her own pockets and then attempting to cover it up….

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follow the money

Chicago Congressman, Danny Davis (D-IL), happens to be Golden’s uncle and as for Whitaker, he’s no saint.  You may recall that Whitaker allegedly bribed Jeremiah Wright….for starters.  See, Obama crony Dr. Eric Whitaker bribed Jeremiah Wright, Accept Christianity without renouncing Islam, Michelle Obama raise, Whitaker federal investigation.

Talk about doing business the Chicago Way.  This is the scum that Obama took…

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Just one more lie

Diary of a Mad Conservative

Somebody want to tell me what’s happened here? All we heard last year, during the election was that we “had Al Qaeda on the run.”

And now we are closing embassies and issuing travel adversaries?

hmmmm. Sounds like Obama was just so anxious to get re-elected that he – LIED! Just one of so many lies he’s told us. Those of us who didn’t buy his lies from the start though, feel more and more vindicated by this.

God forbid that something horrible happens in the upcoming days or weeks, I will not be saying I toldja so. My heart will break for those who suffer, just like it always has. But I think it needs to be mentioned that Obama has done nothing but lie to us.

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The Medal of Freedom Free-for All

American Thinker

On  the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s establishment of the  Presidential Medal of Freedom, Barack Obama, the guy who’s done more to obstruct  freedom than any American president in history, will be the one handing out the  medals.  Having Barack Obama dispense freedom medals is on par with Hitler  lighting Shabbat candles or Bill Clinton hosting a couples’ seminar on the joys  of marital fidelity.

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