If Benghazi is Such a Phony Scandal, Why is the Obama Administration Hiding and Changing Names of Survivors?

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Here’s a question worth considering. If the Benghazi tragedy is a phony  scandal that the Obama administration is referring to, then why is the same  administration changing names of and hiding the Benghazi survivors? Why the  secrecy?

After all, leading up to the 2008 election, Obama ran on the promise that his  would be the most transparent administration ever. He would be held accountable  for what took place while he was the man in the Oval Office. He would publish  bills that he intended on signing at the White House website, allowing people  to  look them over and even offer comments.

Instead, what we have seen since nearly the beginning was a rogue  administration, worse than those that came before Obama’s. He has done  everything he could to usurp, circumvent, and eradicate aspects of the  Constitution if it got in his way (which it seems to do on a regular basis).  Not  one to kowtow to anything or anybody (except the elite who placed him in  office  in the first place), Obama is more like a bull in a china shop, doing as  he  pleases regardless of the effect it has on society or on whether or not his  actions appear to be outside the confines of the law.

We know that there is more to Benghazi than meets the eye. I wrote an article  a few days ago asking the simple question of whether or not a Cross Border  Authority request was made and if so, what was the response to it? The response  would have to come from the president – the commander-in-chief only. No one  else  would be able to respond to that request. Yet, we also know that Obama went to bed early in preparation for his trip the next  morning to Las Vegas for a fund raiser. We also know that Leon Panetta and  Valerie Jarrett were in the Situation Room of the White House watching the  Benghazi tragedy unfold.

There have been rumblings as well that the Obama administration is going  after journalists who attempt to find out more about Benghazi. If there is no  scandal, what’s all of this about? Why the subterfuge? Why cover over things if  there is no scandal?

Probably one of the more important questions to ask is if there is no  scandal, then why is the Obama administration going out of their way to hide  and/or change the names of the Benghazi survivors? Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) recently stated on Greta Van Sustern’s show the following.   “Including changing names, creating aliases. Stop and think what things are most  calculated to get at the truth? Talk to people with first-hand knowledge. What  creates the appearance and perhaps the reality of a cover-up? Not letting us  talk with people who have the most amount of information, dispersing them  around  the country and changing their names.” Take a listen.

This is nothing short of obstruction on the part of the Obama administration,  yet, both Obama and his mouthpiece, Jay Carney have insisted that these  so-called scandals are not scandals at all. If that is the case, then Obama is  using a great deal of energy to cover something over. You don’t hide survivors  and change their names for nothing. You don’t not let them talk to  Congress.

What is Obama afraid of with respect to Benghazi? Obviously, there are things  that could drastically hurt him and possibly drum him from office. In an effort  to keep that from happening, he is doing everything he can – include things  that  are illegal – to protect himself from the wrath of Congress.

Only people who have something to hide go to these extremes. Only people who  have participated in criminal behavior do what they can to cover over their  actions and to keep them from coming to light.

Like so many things connected with the Obama administration, potential  criminal behavior may well be part of the Obama administration. If that’s the  case, then obviously, Mr. Obama has a great deal to gain by keeping those  things  hidden and a great deal to lose if they come out. It needs to come out  see the  light of day. If a person is going to do the crime (no matter how high  their  office), they need to be willing to do the time.

Hopefully, truth will prevail. If Mr. Obama did things that directly caused  the loss of lives of four Americans, was involved in gun-running, and set this whole thing up as an exchange for the blind sheik and the kidnapped Ambassador  Chris Stevens, then he needs to pay for those crimes. Referring to them as   “phony” scandals convinces no one except the low-information voters.

As this continues to heat up, we will likely see the race card being played  with greater intensity. It’s all they have and hopefully, Congress won’t buckle  because of it.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/08/if-benghazi-is-such-a-phony-scandal-why-is-the-obama-administration-hiding-and-changing-names-of-survivors/#ixzz2bPzknWuc Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/08/if-benghazi-is-such-a-phony-scandal-why-is-the-obama-administration-hiding-and-changing-names-of-survivors/#7j1KEMGwuOjloPwl.99

2 thoughts on “If Benghazi is Such a Phony Scandal, Why is the Obama Administration Hiding and Changing Names of Survivors?

  1. obama is a filthy liar. Plain and simple. A filthy dirty liar ! He is what he is.

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