Friend of the Court in Alabama Eligibility Case Claims Obama Became an Indonesian Citizen

By Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email

(Aug. 8, 2013) — An Amicus Curiae brief filed by Atty. Albert W.L. Moore, Jr. in an eligibility case now before the Alabama Supreme Court contends that the man known as “Barack Hussein Obama II” became an Indonesian citizen during his youth, traveled on an Indonesian passport, and rejected U.S. citizenship “by refraining from registration with the Selective Service System.”

The Alabama Supreme Court is part of the Unified Judicial System of Alabama, which consolidates the appellate courts, the state law library, and the Administrative Office of the Courts

Further, the brief claims that Obama’s biological parents are not those he has publicly identified, Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama II.
Moore states that “Obama” has used the alias “Barry Soetoro,” which has been confirmed by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse‘s investigation of Obama’s long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website.  The image, as well as documents mailed to FOIA requesters purported to be Obama’s Selective Service registration form, have been declared “computer-generated forgeries” by the investigators.

The birth certificate forgery is said to have been created by “trusted individuals.”  The posse has brought its evidence to members of Congress, three of whom have stated that they believe the matter requires further inquiry.
The brief states that when Obama arrived alone in the United States from Indonesia in 1971, he was “referred…to Catholic Charities of Connecticut.”  Last year, The Post & Email contacted Catholic Charities of Connecticut and was told that overseas refugee services did not commence there until the 1980s.  However, Moore’s brief does not state that Obama was processed as a refugee.
The question of Obama’s use of a Connecticut Social Security number has been asked for more than four years by private investigators.
Moore claims that Obama lost his American citizenship when he became a “naturalized citizen of Indonesia around 1968.”
Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo has said that Obama has used four aliases in his life and that Zullo’s affidavit submitted to the Alabama Supreme Court in the same eligibility case is “the tip of the iceberg of what we’ve got” in regard to information on Obama’s background.
The Alabama Republican Assembly also filed a Friend of the Court brief in the case on May 30, 2013 stating that it sought to “ensure that candidates are United States citizens and meet the qualifications for office as set out by applicable law.”
The U.S. Constitution requires that the President and Commander-in-Chief be a “natural born Citizen,” which many scholars and constitutional attorneys say means not only a birth in the U.S., but also parents who are U.S. citizens at the time of the birth so as to avoid divided allegiances.
Obama claims he was born in Honolulu, HI on August 4, 1961, but both his abbreviated and long-form birth certificates have been deemed forgeries, and no official at the Hawaii Department of Health will release any additional information.  The hospital where Obama claims he was born is not willing to confirm it, and no other hospital in the country or elsewhere in the world has claimed to be Obama’s birthplace.
Moore claims that Obama was “adopted at birth” (p. 5) and that his birth certificate was therefore amended to reflect the adoption.  He appears to address the question of why and how previous Hawaii Department of Health Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino stated on July 27, 2009 that she had viewed Obama’s “original vital records” and determined that he was a “natural-born American citizen.”
Fukino had said that Obama’s original birth certificate was “half typed and half handwritten,” but the image released to the public on April 27, 2011 does not match that description.  Moore claims that that image reflects the facts of Obama’s adoption, not his biological parents.
Blogger Butterdezillion told The Post & Email in several interviews that her research showed that Obama’s birth certificate had been “amended” after his birth.
Radio show host and Pastor Carl Gallups has stated that he is sure that Obama is not an American citizen, and Zullo has confirmed that there is no evidence showing that Obama possesses U.S. citizenship.  Moore claims that Obama became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1983 (p. 3).
It has been theorized that Obama is the biological son of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X and a young woman named Jo Ann Newman, which might have been an alias for Elizabeth Ann Duke.  Although a fugitive from the law since 1985 for domestic terrorism, Duke’s indictments were inexplicably dismissed in June 2009, and Judge Deborah A. Robinson has refused to release requested documentation relating to her illegal decision to issue the dismissal.
Some believe that communist writer Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s real father.
The Moore document is watermarked “Friends of The Fogbow.”  The Fogbow is a group of Obama supporters known to have obtained court documents before the defendant receives them and reposting, altering and corrupting copyrighted works.  Many of its members are attorneys, and all members use aliases.  However, their identities are known by many.  They also played a part in the arrest and prosecution of Darren Wesley Huff, who is serving a four-year prison sentence for a crime he could not have committed.
On page 9, Moore claims that Obama “never became President” based on his ineligibility to serve, given his alleged “voluntary and intentional relinquishment of American citizenship.”
Moore concludes on page 11 that the case should be remanded to the trial court for discovery of Obama’s background and qualifications, and he recommends the empaneling of a grand jury to examine evidence of “Obama’s many crimes,” including treason.
The Post & Email has contacted both Moore and the Alabama Republican Assembly for comment on their respective briefs.
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  3. Back on 9/14/12, when the staff of the Secretary of the state of Knsas checked for his real birth certificate in Topeka Ks, where my mother was rpesent at the birth and took her great niece to Forbes air force base hospital to have him at age 15, and who had married Obama Sr a couple of months earlier ( in Topeka) to give the baby a name as the Dad had been murdered in a horrific raciast attack on both of them and she pregnant at the tije back in 3./61: I asked them to check under Soetoro to confroim if there had been an adoption; there was a gasp and the comment: ” WE DON:T THINK HE KNOWS.”
    I coudl not be told, due to confidentiality lows. But I di call Orly Taitz and asked her to ask for the court order the next week and she didn;t. The proof is going to be in Toepka Ks where the birth occurred. ITS TIME TO get the roiginal docuemnts back in Toepka ks and settle this one way or another and keep focused on current actions!

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