Obama Years

The Daily Sheeple

By Robert J. Byrne

Of late, we have the “phony scandals”.  Most notable are Benghazi, IRS, Associated Press and Fast and Furious’.

Then there is Solyndra, Abound Solar, Beacon Power, Fisker Automotive, and the list goes on.

Obama Care is an absolute disaster.  Obama will accept nothing less than complete acceptance of the whole bill which will put many small businesses out of business.

Then there is the Obama/Medveden tape “wait til next term” and what happens next term? Obama purchases 86 Russian Mi-17 helicopters for Afghan President Karzai and allows for 15,000 Russian troops to be on America soil, while Russia gives Snowden a home for a year.

Our foreign policy has given us a world on fire and an Administration that arms all to many groups that use those weapons against us. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled the world and everywhere she went conditions got progressively worse. Countries in total disarray include Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Egypt and when you add up the list of countries with great terrorist problems or immense economic problems the list would exceed  50.  And then there is China where Obama borrows all the money for his stimulus programs which have stimulated the Chinese economy so that they can buy up more of America. Brazil, Russia. India, China and South Africa and forming a new world bank called BRICS.  Of course there is North Korea and the list goes on.

Then there is the great disgrace. Misuse of the military which has led to many suicides, sexual misconduct  to include rapes of woman and men, and many photo ops for Barack and Michelle. And there is a new set of labels for those that kill us. And Obama has no concern for the over 100,000 Christians killed yearly in those countries where the most atrocities are happening.

Why all the problems? ‘Party On’ is the tenor set by the Commander in Chief and enjoyed  by Cabinet secretaries, Agency heads and staffs. That mentality has the White House now referred to as the best Night Club in DC, by invitation only. And Barack and Michelle take exceeding expensive vacations often and everywhere.

Misuse of Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 is a common occurrence. You get a speaking engagement anywhere in the country and surround it with several fund raisers.

Very few Cabinet Departments, Agencies, and prominent  persons in the Administration are free from a scandal, and scandals can occur in Columbia or anywhere in the world.

Obama has brought together the largest group of narcissist ostentatious sex driven nefarious secular humanists ever in history. He and Michelle actually top the Hilly Billyshow.

Obama’s past includes such luminaries as Tony Resko, Alexi Giannoulias, Bill Ayres, Rev. Wright and so many others and all of them are involved in something call the ‘Chicago Way’, a term that stands for graft, greed, corruption and nepotism. The ‘Chicago Way’ has now become the accepted standard for Illinois and the country.

Obama came to Chicago as a community organizer and when he and Michelle left for DC, both surrendered their law licenses and it wasn’t their idea.

Before Chicago, Barack’s life is one big blur. Life at Occidental, Columbia, Harvard and world travels are topics of discussion that the Obama’s do not wish to talk about. All too many records are sealed.

Of course you can you can go back to the very beginning for Barack and Michelle. Michelle was born in Chicago. Philip Berg, a Hillary Clinton supporter in the 2008 Democrat primary, wanted a Federal Court to decide where Barack was born. Berg never got the matter decided in a court and Hillary became to Secretary of State.

Others thought there were unanswered questions, and none of them were offered a Cabinet position , so they continued looking into the matter. It seemed a possibility that Barack’s birth was in Kenya., and a possibility existed that he was not even a US citizen. Those looking into the matter found a whole host of matter that made no sense. Matters relating to Barack’s Social Security number and a draft card came into question. Just who was this guy who had become Barry Sotero? Certain records at Occidental and Columbia seem to identify Barry Sotero as a foreigner.

No federal Court seems to want to look into the matter. It becomes very confusing. Certain people delved deeply into all the matters in question and came up with irrefutable evidence that Barack was not qualified to be President.

Then a very unusual thing occurred.  On April 27, 2011, Barack stood stood up at the White House and presented his just found birth certificate. He then found out thecertificate had some unusual errors and many were saying it was a forgery, and no one was taking credit for finding it. It supposedly came from Hawaii. But since Barack presented it, it must be authentic. The major media accepted its authenticity without question.

On April 12, 2012, there was a hearing before Administrative Law Judge Jeff S. Mason in a New Jersey Court room. It dealt with Obama’s ballot eligibility and lawyer Alexandra M. Hill represented Barack Hussein Obama, She said that the birth certificate that appeared at the White House on April 27, 2011 could not be introduced as evidence in the matter before the court. Everyone should check out what Alexandra had to say..

The major media, that supports all of Barrack’s agenda, did not cover that event. However they do cover all Obama vacations and parties where ever they are.

The Obama years as President have accelerated the dechristianization of America. He and the leadership of the Democrat Party are systematically destroying all the values that made this country the greatest country ever. They would like to take God out of everything. Obama has called for an end to Catholic education in a speech in Northern Ireland at a recent G8 Summit. The EU Times covered the story, but the American major media failed to tell us.

The affairs of the Democrat Party have given us Anthony Weiner, David Wu, Elliot Spitzer, Bob Filner, Robert Menendez and the list goes on.

It should be noted, the other major political party has had affairs but there is a difference, the Democrats have to pay for theirs and theirs are disgusting.

And now the military and everything federal is seeded with Obama minions that will take note of all who disagree. You can be listened to, watched and on a list. For Obama the Constitution is not relevant.

Obama has put is so deep in the secular sewer that climbing out will be a difficult task, but we Americans are up to the task..

– See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/obama-years_082013#sthash.e82UUv8V.dpuf

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