FOX Analyst Cadell: John Boehner Is ‘Purposely Suppressing Anything About Benghazi’ (Video)

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Pat Cadell: John Boehner is “Purposely Suppressing Anything About Benghazi”

Pat Cadell accused Speaker John Boehner today of “purposely suppressing anything about Benghazi.” Cadell was on America Live on Monday:

We have John Boehner who has purposely been suppressing anything on Benghazi because he knew what we found out this week and he approved it. These CIA teams on the ground which were sending weapons from Libya through Turkey to Syrian rebels without Congressional approval. Remember, no one has still been arrested in this. We have a president who has suppressed the truth. We have John Brennan who left the White House and went to the CIA… They are polygraphing every member who was on the ground there keeping them from telling Congress the truth. And, Congress won’t act in its own defense!”

Via Mediaite:

Back in January, Speaker Boehner admitted to Laura Ingraham that he heard about the gun running to Turkey but that “most of what I know about this came from a classified source.”

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Obama Years

The Daily Sheeple

By Robert J. Byrne

Of late, we have the “phony scandals”.  Most notable are Benghazi, IRS, Associated Press and Fast and Furious’.

Then there is Solyndra, Abound Solar, Beacon Power, Fisker Automotive, and the list goes on.

Obama Care is an absolute disaster.  Obama will accept nothing less than complete acceptance of the whole bill which will put many small businesses out of business.

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Muslim Brotherhood Breaching The White House

White House Aerial 300x200 Muslim Brotherhood Breaching the White House

Western Journalism

The Muslim Brotherhood permeates the entire Obama Administration

Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser – founder Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar – Islamic Society of North America Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships

And now;

Susan Rice appointed as National Security Adviser Samantha Power to replace Rice as Ambassador to the United Nations

Some of these radical Muslim sympathizers go back to the first month of BHO’s first reign of terror, er … first term.

And let’s not forget Hillary’s significant other in the State Department – Huma Abedin and her ties to the Egyptian MB where Christians are being persecuted, raped and murdered.

This is where the impeachable offense comes in. The man and his minions solemnly swore to protect and defend the Constitution. He has been actively enabling the imposition of Sharia Law to replace the Constitution that bought our freedom. With Sharia must come conversion to Islam as the religion of the United States and the world.  Some already have an idea who would be the coveted Supreme Caliph.

Accompanying him to impeachment should be every judge that has ruled for the imposition of Sharia on a local basis; for every public, military and diplomatic official who is actively forcing this other half of the culture of death on us. This should include any official who swore on an early version of the Constitution that preceded the Bill of Rights. They have spent American blood and treasure to remove “inconvenient” Muslim dictators who tolerated Christians and Jews while abandoning the people in the Middle East who looked to us to set them free.

The culture of death has two halves: Islam is a theocracy embracing imposed death or slavery for infidels and total second class domination by its caliphs, sheiks and imams over the rank and file. Islam is the ultimate union of “church” and state” the ACLU has cried about for years, but has no trouble with here.  “Progressivism” completes the culture of death with its total disdain for the sanctity of human life at all stages, even to the sexuality on which human survival depends through a man and woman’s covenant with God.

While now working hand in hand, these two are ultimately incompatible with a predictable outcome of bloody conflict the “progressives” are being led to. The two 20th century socialisms – Communism and Nazism should have taught us something. The Islamists have been eliminating “inconvenient” Muslim dictators who had accommodations with the West – of course using American technology, blood and treasure. As Hitler eliminated his “inconvenient” supporters during “The Night of the Long Knives,” would anyone put it past these zealots to execute a “Night of the scimitars” as the only way for a pure caliphate to rule under Sharia? Rough enough being a non-Islamic of any religion but pray for your “progressive “ friends.

Statesmen in 1950 were taking into account that there is a grave danger that the temporal power of Islam may return on a broad scale and with it, the menace that it may shake off a West which has ceased to be Christian and affirm itself as a great anti-Christian world power. Muslim writers say, “When the locust swarms darken vast countries, they bear on their wings these Arabic words, “We are God’s host, each of us has 99 eggs, and if we had 100, we should lay waste to the world and all that is in it.”

I used to think Iran getting a nuclear weapon was the “100th egg.” Today, I’m almost convinced the “100th egg” is the United States of America under Islamic rule. What other nation in the hands of evil men and women could lay waste to the world?

Exclusive Interview With Extortion 17 SEAL’s Father – What Led To The “Worst Loss Of Life In The Afghan War”

Freedom Outpost

Before there was Benghazi, there was Extortion 17, which was the Chinook helicopter that was  shot down by the Taliban.  All 38 people aboard, including 17 Navy SEALs and  seven Afghan National Army commandos, were killed.  Among the dead was Navy  SEAL  Aaron Vaughn.  In an exclusive interview with Freedom Outpost, Aaron’s  father,  Billy Vaughn told us what he knows and about his new book due out this  month, Betrayed:  Exposing the High Cost of the War on Terror, and the corruption and  incompetence behind what took place that led to his son’s and others deaths.  

Mr. Vaughn told me that he and his wife have dropped out of the lawsuit that  we reported on back in May when the story about the Muslim  cleric in Afghanistan prayed and condemned six Navy SEAL team members to Hell,  saying that the lawsuit was “too broad” and was not in their best interests.  

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Electing the Enemy – Anti-American Philosophies Underlying Obama’s Policies

Family Security Matters


The anti-American political philosophies underlying the policies of Barack  Hussein Obama can be defined as the juncture of three ideologies: socialism,  Islam and opportunistic racism to foster resentment among minority groups and  promote race and class conflict as a lubricant for his radical transformation of  the United States.

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State Department Terror Alert sponsored by the very same terrorists Obama wants to give weapons to


The Daily Sheeple

Fast on the heels of the recently issued Terror Alert by State Department officials which has resulted in both global Travel warnings as well as the impending closure of almost 2 dozen U.S. Embassies & consulates in Muslim dominated regions abroad, credible information within the State Department has cited the strong potential for planned terror attacks being implemented by “al-Qaeda” as the basis for this alert. In the shadow of this threat, I find it absurd then when we take into account this administrations drive to provide munitions to those factions in Syriaposing as rebel fighters of whom it is common knowledge that thousands are known to be al-Qaeda operatives. Those same al-Qaeda operatives linked to the recent wholesale slaughter of Syrian Christian women & children.

Yet what does the fury & indignation expressed by millions of Americans against the arming of those enemies sworn to our destruction matter to the arbitrary musings & imperious whims of this magisterial dictator occupying our White House? Let the grisly fatality rate associated with this Presidency in his winding cortege of interminable scandals accompanied with virtually no accountability whatsoever be the answer you’re looking for.

However in the daily shoulder to shoulder bustle of competing News headlines, Terror Alerts aren’t the only thing creasing or raising peoples eyebrows today as yet more sordid details made their way into the public commonwealth connected to Obama’s most notorious phony scandal to date involving the September 11th, 2012, terror attack by Islamic (al-Qaeda linked) radicals on our U.S. Embassy in Benghazi which left our U.S. Ambassador & 3 other Americans murdered. Specifically the August 1st, 2013, CNN report claiming the CIA engaged in a massive, “unprecedented” intimidation campaign to keep incriminating specifics about Benghazi under wraps:

So we have Obama engaging in obstruction by dispersing Benghazi Survivors across the United States & changing their names in the midst of his administrations intimidation campaign & Darrell Issa’s ongoing investigation. We have more allegations surfacing, intimating that events that were taking place in Benghazi under the late Ambassador Steven’s stewardship at the time involved the shipping & transfer of  surface to air missiles out of Libya, through Turkey, & on into the hands of Syrian rebels. These would be the same stockpiles too by the way of thousands of surface to air missiles that had purportedly vanished without a trace immediately following the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime at the height of the Libyan Civil War.

The rumors of gunrunning taking place out of Benghazi are nothing new. This has long been a point of speculation reinforced by a sense of intuitive certainty with many. Even if there currently exists no solid evidence with which to confirm & validate these suspicions held by some. The basis for these suspicions can most likely be traced back to a “plan” initially proposed in the summer of 2012 by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & then-CIA Director David Petraeus to arm the Syrian rebels in their conflict to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This proposal by Clinton & Petraeus however appeared to be rebuffed by the Obama administration when it was put forth.

Since then we had the terrorist attack of Benghazi resulting in the deaths of 4 Americans. A tragedy met with a subsequent series of haphazardly bizarre & inept efforts by this President & administration to obfuscate & conceal the facts & circumstances of this ordeal. Efforts that eventually brought back into question the possibility of a gunrunning operation gone bad as being the reason for this attack. Will we ever know tho’? Unlikely. Much the same too for another emerging Obama scandal building steam known asExtortion 17. A scandal with a far higher body count than that of Benghazi, but just as heinous in its own implications. Given the systemic deficiency of testicular fortitude by anyone in our government to seriously hold this remorseless Presidents feet to the fire for his trespasses, I suspect God & history will be the final arbiters in these matters.

Meanwhile, as the world burns, our nation continues on in its own precipitous spiral towards decline by design. Just part of the friendly service provided courtesy of the Democrat Party, their diverse collection of perverted politicians, deranged rabble-rousing constituents, & this utterly worthless opposition Party we have in the GOP. No thanks necessary & fear not lowly peasants! Even though we’re going to have Obamacare shoved down our collective throats, you can rest easy knowing our masters have seen fit in their vast suppository of accumulated wisdom & benevolent munificence (from high atop the lofty perch in their Ivory Towers) to exempt themselves from partaking in this wonderful blessing they wish to impose, uhh, I mean impart to the rest of us:

I know. I know. After reaching that destination in this wilderness where you find yourself in the clearing of “you couldn’t make this stuff up“, where do you go from there?? I know I’m not alone in viewing Obama as the patriarchal poster-boy for this Presidency of epidemic racial division, social upheaval, & derelict leadership. It gets so insane at times you almost expect Obama & Jay Carney to premiere their White House Press Conferences with a musical intro reminiscent of the Bugs Bunny Show. Then you remember that people have died because of this obscenity & laughing becomes the last thing you feel like doing.

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Trey Gowdy: Obama Administration “Changing Names” & “Creating Aliases” To Hide Benghazi Survivors

Freedom Outpost

A shocking revelation came up this week as Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC)  told Greta Van Susteren on Thursday evening that the Obama administration is   “changing names” of the Benghazi survivors and “creating aliases” to keep them  hidden from congressional investigators and the American people.  Trey Gowdy  said that the administration is “dispersing them around the country” in order  to  keep them out of sight and coming forward.


CNN reported on Thursday that the Central Intelligence Agency was engaged in  threatening CIA operatives to remain  silent on Benghazi or they would be jeopardizing themselves and their  families.  Additionally, Jake Tapper revealed that they were going to the  extent  of putting the operatives through multiple  polygraph tests in order to ensure they were not communicating about  Benghazi with anyone.

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