The Democratic Party’s War on Women

PJ Media

Here’s a thought experiment: Imagine a Mayor Anthony Weiner consoling someone’s teenage daughter with a hug after the next 9/11. Problem? Okay, maybe Comptroller Spitzer will do it.

Not only are these men sleazy hypocrites in their politics, they are deeply misogynistic in their behavior — and yet the soi-disant “progressive” crew of female politicians (Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Elizabeth Warren, et al.) are strangely silent.

Where is the true “War on Women” and who’s waging it? Think this one through, my “liberal” friends.

I guess as long as these guys vote for free government condoms, everything’s okay.

Of course, it’s not. These people have shown themselves to be absolutely repellent liars (and, as I noted, misogynists) unworthy of any sort of public trust on any subject.


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2 thoughts on “The Democratic Party’s War on Women

  1. PJ Media?Is that the sleeping media? Just asking? But lest you have forgotten the white house is full of muslims and guess where women stand in that New World Order plan march backward 100 years ladies but you females supported this basturd overwelmingly in 2 elections so don’t whine and cry since you brought it on yourselves! When Nancy and Dianes husbands know sharia is in effect they will probably beat the ugly off of them and that will be one whale of a lot of woman beating going on!

  2. Damn I love it when a plan comes together! And as for Boxer Warren and Waters their significant others will probably be hospitilized more than once when they administer the ugly whip down due to overexercion! And the Blacks loved the show smackdown they will learn to love the daily News reports when that gets started!

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