Obama Justice Department Forcing Islamic Supremacist Mosque on Virginia County

Freedom Outpost

The good people in Henrico County, Virginia continue to have problems with the  Islamic Center of Richmond. Here is a press release from the local freedom  activists on the latest. Why is the Justice Department going to Henrico County,  Virginia and pushing American citizens around?

Henrico Mosque,  viewed as a recipe for disaster

Henrico County VA, July 2013 –  Described by eyewitness as “Islamic Center of  Richmond attendees leaving the ICR property by means of private Hoehns  driveway appeared that they were trying to force a Hoehns Lakeview Farm  resident’s vehicle into the oncoming traffic of Hungary Road”, this event – one  of many hostile activities reported by surrounding community residents to local  law enforcement – initiated by ICR’s land agent Yunus Vohra and his colleagues  resulted in a formal charge of disorderly conduct. Residents, daily impacted by  ICR events, describe this incident as one of the reasons why they refer to this  site – Masjid Yousuf located in the 8400 block of Hungary Road – as a recipe for  disaster.

James Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force who  attended Henrico County public hearings says, “I continue to be concerned about  the role the DOJ (Department of Justice) played in muscling this through local  officials. You (addressing local residents) are clearly right on principle. But  this is not about principle. It is about the exercise of raw political power.  Typically, the only thing which holds us back is the fear of being called bigots  by those who are wrong. We – all – benefit from a full public examination of  what they (ICR) are doing and why they are doing it.”

Disturbed by  queries from residents of his district, Majority Leader for the Congress of the  USA Eric Cantor solicited DOJ’s opinion. As a result, Thomas E. Perez Assistant  Attorney General respond, “complaints related to this site appear to be the  result of a failure to be respectful of the property rights of nearby property  owners and the surrounding community’s expectation of public safety and welfare.  While Henrico County is operating under a consent decree issued by the United  District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia related to a dispute to  rezone property to build a mosque on Impala Drive, the Hungary Road site’s  issues fall outside of this purview. Enforcement of the Religious Land Use and  Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) should not interfere with the County’s  standard regulations and procedures.”

Since public safety and welfare  issues which were documented during a County Plan of Development hearing remain  unresolved, area residents filed a community appeal. Although they only  requested “approval for not simply a ‘place of worship’ but a SAFE place of  worship for all whom frequent as well as reside in our community”, community  pleas for adequate support parking and/or agreement to scale down ‘intensity of  use’ to balance available vehicle parking; and amenities such as fencing and/or  landscaping that will shield adjacent properties from lights/noise and/or enable  adjacent property privacy rights – were again denied.

It was during this  appeal hearing that Khader Allahbaksh, a member of the ICR Board, referred to  his Indian heritage and remarked “ICR will sweeten the Henrico community and  strive to provide a safe environment”. Yet, more than a year after formal  hearings, community residents do not find Allahbaksh’s prediction their reality.  Instead, their community is plagued by ICR members who choose to participate in  activities which block residential homes from access to public services such as  emergency, interfere with the safe use of the community’s school bus stop,  result in actual as well as ‘near miss’ vehicle accidents, result in reckless  endangerment to others; and specifically, entice others to trespass into private  residential areas.

When confronted concerning these issues, ICR  leadership committee member Assadullah Kahn denied ICR’s involvement. Their land  agent Yunus Vohra not only chose to deny but issued an email to Henrico County  appointed and elected representatives, staff and area residents in which he  called those who confront him and his colleagues, liars.

Area resident  Paul Thorne of the Brittany Subdivision located across from the Hungary Road  mosque site says, “The Islamic Center of Richmond was approved for development  of a 30,277 square foot building on the old Stone’s Nursery property on a 5.2  acre lot, on a very busy Hungary Road amidst surrounding quite neighborhoods.  The Henrico Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors have unexplainable  shown a ‘blind eye’ to concerns from the community over traffic safety, noise,  and aesthetic appearance of the huge proposed ICR structure. While as a  community, we have rally as many voices as possible in an attempt to get Henrico  County and ICR to slow down and look at our concerns more closely. This has not  been an attempt to stop the Mosque, but to bring common sense into a situation  that appears unreasonable for the area and its surroundings. We base our  concerns on Mosque style events which are presently held in the site’s existing  limited-use structures. “

Construction plans for the ICR Hungary Road  Mosque have been resubmitted for County approval. Proposing to construct a phase  I, approximately 10,000 of the overall 30,000 square foot structure, these plans  are undergoing agency review and available for public review and input.  Those interested, are advised to contact Kevin D. Wilhite, AICP project  manager for Henrico County Planning Department at 804-501-4989. To express  comment to legislative reps, contact Richard W. Glover, Office – (804) 501-4208  Brookland District Supervisor and/or STATE reps John M. O’Bannon, III and Walter  A. Stosch at their respective offices.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/07/obama-justice-department-forcing-islamic-supremacist-mosque-on-virginia-county/#ixzz2ZxGEQWi7

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