Job Lost for Mentioning Racist Word “Bacon”


Do you like bacon? If so you had better keep your mouth shut about it, at least in dhimmified Britainistan. Even to mention bacon, you see, is racist:

IT contractor Clive Hunt was offered a lucrative contract by the National Health Service. But then he blew it by mentioning bacon at the recruitment firm Reed.

The married dad, from Heywood, said he wasn’t aware he had offended recruitment consultant Sharika Sacranie, 29, who he met at the firm’s offices in King Street, Manchester, to finalise paperwork, until he received a phone call from a senior manager. Mr Hunt said: “After we shook hands she said that she would come over to meet me on site with the other contractors and take us for breakfast. My parting words to her were ‘I will buy the bacon sandwiches’.

“Later, as I was driving home, Ms Sacranie’s manager called me and wanted to know about the racist remark I had made. I said I had not made one and he said I had said that I would get her a bacon sandwich. But I only made the remark because she referred to breakfast.”

Referring to this traditional breakfast is no longer permissible in Britain, because bacon is on the exceedingly long list of things Muslims don’t like and will presumably rid the world of when they have the leverage (along with beer, bikinis, dogs, etc.).

Mr Hunt added: “When the manager called me, I was driving and I got increasingly exasperated as he kept telling me I should admit to my wrongdoing for referring to bacon sandwiches. In the end I told him to ‘sod off’ and put the phone down. They have blown this out of all proportion.”

Kudos to Hunt for not apologizing for his inadvertent thought crime. He didn’t get the job, but he still has his self-respect — which is an increasingly rare commodity in liberal Britain.


2 thoughts on “Job Lost for Mentioning Racist Word “Bacon”

  1. Those freahin mussies have been taking and spending our bacon fat impregnated bill for over a year without complaint! How bout a ham bake for ramadan next time or maybe even barbequed ribs or chops! They would love it! Lol yuk yuk yuk hahaha!

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