Samantha Power Video: Less US Sovereignty, More Muslim Power

Gulag Bound

Some of the best pronuncements of a person’s soul are brief and in her own words. Here they are, with just two snippets pull-quoted below.

Three minutes of reality about the Obamunists’ proposed ambassador of Antiamerica to the United Nations, Samantha Power:

The Video is from “America and the Age of Genocide,” 10/8/2003

1. Mourned is how old, authentic America are the “free and independent states” as declared in our national charter: “There’s the United States, which doesn’t allow itself to be hemmed in by international law.”

2. (Stammering for the way to say it): “If the war on terrorism is the defining event of our time, can we really persist in having no country from the Middle-East, no country with much of an Islamic tradition at all, represented on the Security Council in any kind of permanent way? It needs attention.”

And, ironic how she as well as Obama decried America’s aggressiveness overseas. That is, before they came into power to spread their “disruption,”as Obama and Frances Fox Piven refer to it — for the sake of empire according to global hegemonists’ plans under the false banner of “responsibility to protect.” And what a surprise, so much Muslim Brotherhood influence in and out of D.C….

For further reporting and and read-betwee-the-lines revelation, see today’s Washington Times report,
“Samantha Power, U.N. ambassador nominee, sidesteps questions on comments critical of U.S.”

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