Defending the US Constitution the Hard Way


“When the United States collapses, Saudi Arabia is going to be at the mercy of its neighbors. Why not work to make sure all your neighbors are sympathetic to your cause? Let me ask you, in all of the Arab Spring countries that have been overthrown so far, who has risen up to be the new government?”

The Muslim Brotherhood,” said Harvath.

“Which is loyal to which kinds of Muslims? The Shia Iranians, or the Sunni Saudis?”

“The Sunni Saudis, of course. Iran is Saudi Arabia’s greatest enemy.”

“The Saudis aren’t stupid. In fact, they’re quite cunning. They didn’t bother taking their ultimatum to America’s politicians, who are subject to reelection and the whims of the masses. They went over their heads and straight to the ultimate defender of the dollar, the Federal Reserve.”

Brad Thor “Hidden Order

“I would like my story to be known so that what happened to me will not happen to another veteran standing by his oath to protect the US Constitution.”

Harry Butler (in an email to the author)

Harry Butler is not someone that you have heard of, but you will. You do not know the story of his arrest by federal agents, but you should. He should not have spent a year in prison for trying to defend the US Constitution, but he did.

Harry and I go way back—in the early 1970s we served together in the same Underwater Demolition (UDT-21) platoon, and later served together in SEAL 2 (in different platoons).

After leaving the service Harry went on to fly as a Captain for Gulfstream Aerospace. I could name-drop here like you would not believe (sultans, former presidents, movie stars, etc.), suffice it to say that Harry has flown VIPs all over the world, and acquired a rock solid reputation for dependability and trustworthiness along the way.

So how does a former SEAL and world-class pilot end up being grabbed by federal agents and locked away for a year?  Good question.  I will try to answer it in this article.  (While being transferred between prisons Harry spent time in facilities that were “in the middle of nowhere” with few inmates.  He has described them as looking brand new – “mostly vacant and eerie; possibly FEMA camps”).

I have known about Harry’s experiences for a while now, but I have been reluctant to draw attention to them because of his less than good health, and the fact that he has already paid a pretty steep price for attempting to defend the US Constitution. When I say that Harry is not in the best of health that’s the truth of it, but you might want to take that with a grain of salt. He informs me that when the Secret Service showed up to arrest him (at a hospital) “it took 12 agents, security guards, and hospital aides half-an-hour to subdue me—they were just lucky they caught this old, sick, clapped out SEAL on a bad day.”

Recently Harry called into a radio talk show that featured Mike Zullo as a guest, and spilled the beans, so to speak. That being the case, I told Harry that probably the most prudent thing for him to do at this point would be to disseminate his story as widely and quickly as he can—and that is why I am writing this article now. (As many of you know, Mike Zullo is the lead investigator for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s (Joe Arpaio) Cold Case Posse which has been investigating Obama’s birth certificate(s).

I won’t be going into Harry’s case in any depth in this article. My main concern at this time is to raise public awareness about him, and what he has gone through—and why. The “what” is harassment and intimidation by the US federal government, including being locked away in a cell for a year. The “why” is because he attempted to defend and uphold the US Constitution, as he, and I, and millions of others have solemnly sworn we would do.

Specifically, Harry challenged Obama’s legitimacy to be POTUS, and he did this before Obama was sworn in as President for the first time in 2008. The controversy surrounding Obama’s “birth certificate(s)” has been covered widely and in depth, so I will not delve into it here. Suffice it to say that behind all of the obfuscation and ridicule thrown into the face of “we the people” by The Powers That Be, Obama’s constitutional right to be POTUS remains shaky at best, and his past continues to be “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Who is this guy? I mean really.

“We the people” continue to be told to “move along, folks, nothing to see here” by pundits and puppets, fools and frauds, but few folks are buying the lies anymore…except for those in on the fix, the willfully blind, and “low information voters” (a trendy euphemism for the clueless, apathetic, and indoctrinated).

Who is behind Obama’s phenomenal rise to power? Answers run the gamut from NWO heavy hitters to big banking cartels; from mega-corporation syndicates to communist and/or fascist conspiracies…. Harry believes that the Saudi Arabians have been deeply involved. I’m no expert on Middle Eastern affairs, but Harry knows the area well, so I believe him. Those billions and billions of petro dollars can and have purchased a lot.

Speaking of Saudi Arabians…If you wish to get a quick, painless lesson on the inner workings of, and collusion between, the Federal Reserve and Saudi Arabia, then you will be hard pressed to do better than read “Hidden Order” by Brad Thor (currently selling very well). It is a prime example of the saying “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.” Thor manages to deftly mix in hard to swallow truths with a rip-roaring yarn. Do you want to know what’s really going on? Read the book.

In any event, let me return to Harry’s story as I wrap this up. Please keep an eye out for details and particulars of his story in the future—at Canada Free Press and other venues. I promise you that you will not find it boring. He has been through the wringer for a good cause and deserves every patriotic American’s support. I will end with a quote from Harry.

I have come to the conclusion that the rule of law in the US has been trumped by the tentacles of corruption. Just how we get out of this mess is a good question, but I feel that it is doable. Remember Congress cannot, and will not, fix the problem, and voting is like f—ting in the wind. The fix will require other methods.

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