The 68 Senators Who Voted To Destroy America

Video Rebel's Blog

Make no mistake about it. The vote to give Amnesty to 30 million illegal aliens already here plus the millions that will come here in the future will destroy America. We have a deficit of 4 trillion dollars on infrastructure repairs that needs to be addressed before we increase our population with low paid unskilled workers. We also have a 22% unemployment rate. And we have a trillion dollar structural deficit that cannot be reduced by adding 30 to 50 million people to those eligible for benefits. There is a provision which gives employers a subsidy for health care for illegal aliens. This will give businesses an incentive to hire illegals and firing citizens. Obamacare has already shifted lots of Americans from full time to part time work so businesses could avoid paying health care. Disposable income is dropping like a rock because so many part time workers . There…

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