Governor’s Deliberate Attempt to make Tennessee Sharia Compliant

Family Security Matters

Despite the fact that Tennessee was the first state to pass legislation  that prohibits foreign and religious laws (such as shariah) to be used in  judicial decision, it appears that the Volunteer State  is showing serious  signs of functioning under de facto shariah. 

Read through the chronology of events from 2009 to the present at the  bottom of this article from The Bradley County News and decide for you  yourself.

Janet Levy

Governor Bill Haslams deliberate attempt to make Tennessee Sharia compliant-  The Timeline

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has made it clear by his repeated actions that  he will pursue a policy that promotes the interest of Islamist and their radical  ideology as long as he is governor.

The attempted takeover of our great state by the left, the progressive or the  communist was expected. What was not expected was the underhanded approach by  Governor Bill Haslam to dismantle our sovereignty one step at a time,  methodically, making our state Sharia compliant with his policies.

Republican In Name Only Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has done all within  his power to provide the venue for our demise.

Governor Bill Haslam is undeniably preparing our state to be Sharia  compliant utilizing a very powerful political Islamic machine that is hell bent  on overriding our Constitution for the demands of a few while injecting their  own beliefs on the majority demanding that the Constitution be upheld!

Governor Haslams intent must be questioned. His seemingly purposeful   yielding to political Islam must be countered.

Governor Haslam, big Oil Billionaire,  big coal investor has positioned  himself to be a middle eastern darling of CAIR, AMAC, ACO, Al Qaeda and the  Muslim Brotherhood and by his actions is doing all within his power to promote a  nutrient rich environment for Islam/Sharia to flourish. The naiveté and  neckbreak speed he is moving forward is detestable.

The timeline below puts his efforts into a chronological order of which he  can’t deny.

His meaningful steps to turn our state into a sharia compliant state while  pacifying political Islam is obvious when you look at the steps that he and  those around him have taken to get us there chronologically.

From his liberal “Mayors against Guns” days to the Muslim Diversity class  given by Islamic extremists with a healthy assist from the DOJ, AMAC and the FBI  is proof that this mans agenda does not include keeping our state sovereign and  all our rights on equal footing.


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