The Seeds of Jihad

 Family Security Matters

Not a day goes by when I venture out to any local shopping or recreational  area when I am not confronted by many Muslim women in their traditional hijabs  or on occasion full burkas.  Sometimes they are alone, but more often than  not they are in groups and totally oblivious to the non-Muslims within their  midst.  Deliberately, they avoid eye contact as they gaze past  us.

A dozen years after 19 Muslims murdered 3000 of our American mothers,  fathers, sons, and daughters in the name of Islam, we find our American  landscape transformed with the practioners of the very ideology responsible for  9/11 and the nearly 22,000 murders committed worldwide by Islamists since that  infamous day.  Reason dictates that the welcome mat should have been  removed, but instead their numbers have greatly increased and as their numbers  rise so does the threat from a civilizational jihad as outlined in the Muslim  Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memorandum: On the General Strategic Goal for the  Group in North America.  (  )

As the daughter of Holocaust survivors, I lost too many family members to  another supremacist totalitarian ideology, Nazism.  It is frightening to  see a new present form of Nazism within Islamic doctrine with the same mission  of world dominion, the destruction of the state of Israel, and the ethnic  cleansing of world Jewry.  Cloaked in religion to avoid scrutiny and  criticism, Islamic doctrine is far more menacing.  While our  Judeo-Christian doctrine teaches “thou shall not murder”,,Islamic doctrine  states that to die while waging jihad ensures the jihadist entry into  heaven.  (Bukhari 1,2, 35 Mohammed said “”The man who joins jihad,  compelled by nothing except sincere belief in Allah and His Prophet, and  survives, will be rewarded by Allah either in the afterlife or with the spoils  of war.  If he is killed in battle and dies a martyr, he will be admitted  into Paradise….”)  Islam’s command “to kill” vs. Judeo-Christian’s  command “thou shall not murder” are two diametrically opposed doctrines that  cannot co-exist.  It is threatening and offensive to millions of Americans  that the descendents and subscribers of Mohammed, a murderous barbaric warlord,  who pillaged vast continents with his sword are given a home in the land of the  free.

Yet, our elected officials continue to give them entry at our expense.   We now have over 2000 Islamic command centers officially known as mosques  throughout the United States.  A recent study, Mapping the Shari’a Project,  by the Center for Security Policy found that over 80% of mosques in this country  were preaching hatred of Christians and Jews in their quest to impose Shari’a  law upon all of us. (  Additionally, there are  frequent demands for accomodations, special prayer time in schools, prayer rooms  at private and public institutions, Halal meat only in schools, segregation  between the sexes in public pools, Muslim Capitol Days throughout the country,  requests for Shari’a application in our judicial courts, and the list goes  on.

And as a woman the nearly total cover up and head gear of Muslim women is an  affront to Western women’s hard fought battle for equality.  We drive,  vote, work, dress freely, and express ourselves without male supervision,  consent, or fear. As American women we enjoy equal protection under the law;  yet, our right to be free will be jeopardized if we continue to import a culture  that forbids what American women take for granted.  Islamic practices of  honor killings, female genital mutulation, child marriages, and polygamy have  now made their way into cities across our land.  The Women’s Movement born  to secure women’s rights and equality remains eerily silent. They should be  outraged, but instead their silence is deafening.  Perhaps the Women’s  Movement was never about aiding women as much as it was about tearing down  traditional American institutions.

The question remains: Why are we allowing a hostile population with a culture  of jihad and Dawah (proselytizing Islam) entry into our home? They are not here  to assimilate, integrate, or adopt our traditions, values, or culture.   They are here to colonize, and we are permitting it.  A quick glimpse of  Europe is a window to what awaits us here at home if we do not stop the  colonization.  Sweden, a bedrock of civilization and a rescuer of Danish  Jews during World War II is now the rape capitol of Europe where Muslim gangs  commit nearly 77.6% of the rape crimes of young White Swedish females. (http://the muslim  Malmo, a city in Sweden, once home to many Jews, is now practically devoid of  Jews after the many threats and acts of violence from Malmo’s Muslim population.  So threatening were the Muslims, that Malmo’s mayor, Itmar Reepalu, declared  that he could not protect Malmo’s Jews and suggested for them to leave  Sweden.  Instead of ousting the Muslims, the morally bankrupt Leftist mayor  added insult to injury by asking the victims of Muslim aggression to  leave.   In nearby France, cities are rocked by Muslim rioting, and  England’s no go zones such as Hamlet Towers are not safe for non-Muslims.   The beheadings commonly witnessed in Muslim countries have made their way to  England, and instead of protecting its citizens, British authorities are  protecting the Muslims by threatening to arrest those who criticize Islam.   Unless Europe musters the courage to forgo their policies of appeasement,  Europeans will lose their national identity and their once rich culture.   Without the motivation or courage to defend their continent Dhimmitude  (servitude) awaits them.   Europe as we know it will be lost.

In September of 2012, Obama stated that “the future must not belong to those  who slander the prophet of Islam” before a U.N. General Assembly. (  His  administration is in support of U.N. Resolution 16/18 which would criminalize  any criticism of Islam.  Not only would such a resolution be a violation of  our First Amendment as guaranteed by our Constitution, but instead it would lend  support to the Muslim Brotherhood’s mission of imposing Islamic Shari’a law upon  our land.  Much like Europe, we too stand at a precipice.  We can  continue to disregard the danger from importing a hostile Muslim population  whose religion and culture are the antithesis of ours or we can close down the  mosques, ban the Muslim Brotherhood within our shores, and boot out those who  refuse to conform to our values and culture.  The choice is ours.  The  future must not belong to those who support a Jihadist doctrine.

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2 thoughts on “The Seeds of Jihad

  1. agree 1000% if the stupid feminist in this country don’t wake up soon they will all be in full black trash bags locked in there houses and being beaten daily then they can thank them selves and it will be toooo late

    • Sometimes, you just can’t teach people anything and others times……..well, they just refuse to listen.

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