General Carter Ham to testify for the first time about Benghazi

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Below is from my FNC colleague Justin Fishel:

Subject: Fox First: General Carter Ham to testify on Benghazi for first time next week

Fox News has learned that the House Armed Services Committee will hold a classified briefing next Weds June 26 at 9:00 on Benghazi.

Briefers will include:

Gen. Carter Ham (ret.) He was head of AFRICOM during Benghazi attack.

LTC Gibson

RADM Brian Losey – Special Operations Command Africa

This is being coordinated by the Oversight and Investigations subcommittee of the HASC. It will be closed door but will be the first time Ham has been questioned by Congress about his oversight of military assets that were available and why they weren’t sent to Benghazi last Sept 11/12. Ham was in the Pentagon at the time and oversaw the military response.

LTC Gibson is the Army Lieutenant Colonel who Greg Hicks said was told to stand down with his 3 other Special Forces when they wanted to go to Benghazi on the morning of Sept 12. We have not heard from him or Admiral Loissy, who was the head of Special Ops in Africa. He was in Europe coordinating from his base in Germany. He can speak to where the Special operations teams or CIF (Commander’s in extremis force) was based and when it was told to deploy and why it wasn’t sent to Libya.

Again this will be closed door.

(Excerpt)

6 thoughts on “General Carter Ham to testify for the first time about Benghazi

  1. Washington seems to have a lot of doors to keep closed…

  2. Interesting they are going to have a closed session when everyone and their dead grandmothers know exactly what was going on!
    Long story short: Obama provided the very weapons that the animals used to attack Benghazi. It “seemed” Obama wasted time “stand down” so they could get the job done by murdering the ambassador who “knew too much.”

    • Since Ham has retired, he may provide a lot of info but he might be in fear of his life from the obama gang.

      • I just had a terrible thought…hope he doesn’t go after his “Military Retirement $”.

  3. Yeah, knowing Barry he just might get “Retired”- permanantly. Barry has done it before. Anyone remember Seal Team 6?

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