Will Obama put out a hit on the NSA leaker?

Free Republic

Edward Snowden is in fear for his life. He should be.

The NSA leaker had been holed up in Hong Kong but checked out of his room Monday shortly after going public, and has not been heard from since. He told Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman that the U.S. intelligence community “will most certainly kill you if they think you are the single point of failure that could stop this disclosure and make them the sole owner of this information.”

“I did not believe that literally,” Gellman wrote, “but I knew he had reason to fear.” But why not believe it? Wouldn’t someone with Snowden’s background know what he was talking about? What does Gellman think happens in the world of secret intelligence? It is called the “dark side” for a reason.


President Obama is no stranger to killing in the national interest. He has conducted more known or suspected assassinations than any president ever. The White House claims the president has the power to order the death of an American abroad, like Snowden, but Mr. Obama’s lawyers refuse to explain how or why this is constitutional. They simply say “trust us,” which these days is not their strongest argument. But they know the issue will not be tested in court because the only people with standing to sue are dead before they get the chance.

12 thoughts on “Will Obama put out a hit on the NSA leaker?

  1. Reblogged this on Es ist ein Klaüsterfökken. and commented:
    It may be too late unless Snowden has more data in which case he had better get it published and get to Iceland.

    • From what I’ve heard, he has more but that may be an even bigger reason they want him quite. I’m not sure there is a safe place for him to hide so I guess Iceland is as good as any.

  2. He said he was more worried about his parents than himself.
    Obama is a vengeful bitch…he will try.

    • Justifiably I heard many of his family works for big brother, I mean gov., so what could big bro do? He’s not just playing footsie with NSA but ruthless Chicago thugs.

  3. Think: Breitbart and Chris (The sniper).

      • His son too? I didn’t know that.
        The Media wasn’t always like this…they all knew about Obama from the very beginning and did nothing because by then they had already been shut down.
        I respect Bush boy because the Military loved him; but that’s about it.
        When he was running for office, there was a news reporter in Ft.Worth/Dallas that reported the truth.
        Bush reallly messed up in the Air National Guard. He seldom showed up for formation. He crashed a plane when he was drunk.
        The reporter in Dallas/Ft. Worth simply reported the truth. Within 24 hrs. he was fired; and could never get another job in the mass media.
        I did see him ONE time in a bit part in a movie “In The electric Mist” with Tommy Lee Jones. He plays the part of the cop. It is a great movie, so IF you are interested in seeing exactly what the man looked like, buy it cheap on Amazon.com. It is a keeper.
        Since then, the media is much more blocked. I happen to know one of the Fox News people. We went to High School together. He told me at the time of the BP Oil Spill…there was also another off shore oil well that was sabotaged by the orders of Obama TO Our Military.
        He didn’t want his friends in the Middle East being all upset with us for not buying the last of their oil in Saudi Arabia (yes, their oil is almost depleted).

      • Obama’s comments on the death of his son………………he should have picked a better father. Can you believe such a thing?

  4. I wonder if the drone is honing in on him?

  5. Big B, I never thought of that!!! He already killed one American Citizen Awalaki…what’s one more to him.

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