It’s RICO time! How to Stop the Obama Administration Crime Wave


Urgent. While some Tea Party groups testified at the House Ways and Means Committee Hearing last week over the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) abuse of power for targeting and harassing them and approximately 500 other conservative groups when they sought tax-exempt status, if you are looking for a political judicial solution, such as congress, impeachment or a special prosecutor to solve the tsunami of unlawful acts coming out of Washington, you are looking in the wrong place.

What the IRS did tilted President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election in his favor.

The bottom line is this. You can’t get justice within the political system in America anymore because the politicians own it. What stopped the mob? The Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). What will stop the Obama administration? RICO.

For years, as documented in The Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power to Reemerge in the Obama White House & World Stage, there has been a special justice and rights class system for Washington’s ruling elite that doesn’t apply to everyday Americans. It has taken a toxic, crippling grip on America, which is why corrupt politicians remain in power and are never held to account.

First, the IRS is not a scandal but a branch of the criminal abuse of power that runs in an octopus-like tree fashion throughout America’s government agencies. It is part of the shady backroom deals that became ObamaCare. Did you think it was a coincidence that ObamaCare dramatically expanded the IRS’s authority, size and budget? Were you surprised when Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted she had pressured pharmaceutical companies to support ObamaCare? Who gets to decide who lives and who dies? ObamaCare’s political appointees and perked bureaucrats do. What’s ObamaCare? A forced tax for health services you must pay for or else you will be fined for services that these politicos and bureaucrats may or may not give you.

In the mob world, the Obama administration’s activities are called shakedowns, kickbacks, extortion, bribes, and payola. The political appointees and bureaucrats are the capos, crew, foot soldiers and wise guys. You get paid if you play. If you don’t pay, you don’t get to play. Security and safety comes at a price and anything goes to stay in power. Let’s call the Obama administration what it is: organized crime and treat it as such. The mob, the political mafia currently known as the Obama administration, has taken over Washington. It’s RICO time.

The federal Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organization Act, written by G. Robert Blakely, a University of Notre Dame law school professor, was enacted in 1970 specifically to target the mob and address the infiltration of legitimate businesses by organized crime.

In the U.S. the act of engaging in criminal activity as a structured group is referred to as “racketeering.”

Today RICO needs to be applied to the political mob that has infiltrated the government agencies and the White House beginning with the IRS and spreading out into other agencies and beyond.

The best part of RICO is that it “provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.” That means State and local lawyers, sheriffs, attorney generals, and prosecutors can bypass the corrupted Federal justice system and start throwing down the gauntlet now. From there it will spread up into D.C. “The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering. It allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed someone who told a man to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because he did not actually do it.”

What stopped the mob? RICO. What can stop the Obama administration? RICO.

Intimidation, threats, whatever, just like the mafia, the Obama administration’s Justice Department has abusively targeted journalists from Fox News and Associated Press for doing their government watchdog job. Popular radio show host, Canada Free Press columnist, Doug Hagmann, who has been diligently reporting on the Benghazi cover-up, has been specifically singled out and targeted by the National Security Agency (NSA). Do not be deceived. What happened to Hagmann is far more serious than has been talked about thus far. The NSA wasn’t simply collecting phone numbers and locations as occurred in the Verizon/NSA case that broke after the Hagmann incident was reported. Instead NSA collected a voice-recorded conversation between two media people. NSA was collecting content. Editors and sources are next. It’s RICO time.

On cue, in predicable damage-control-and-distraction form, Washington’s special justice class Attorney General Eric Holder and chair of the Senate intelligence committee, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), swooped in to defend the NSA’s collection of phone records of U.S. citizens after the Verizon/NSA case broke. It’s been approved by Congress and going on for years, they said. Then they claimed it helped get terrorists (not the shoe-bomber, Times Square bomber, Fort Hood shooter, Boston Marathon bombers etc. but I digress).

Who is the enemy that Washington is supposedly protecting U.S. citizens from—FOX News, Associated Press reporters, CFP writers/radio show hosts, Christians, returning vets and Conservative terrorists? Shouldn’t the Obama administration be protecting Americans from the al Qaeda /freedom fighter/rebel/terrorists who hate America that they have been arming in Syria to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad—which directly led to the Benghazi nation-state attack that killed four Americans? Forgive me, again I digress.

What the Obama administration is doing is dangerously upside down. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness. As Hagmann’s DHS insider recently put it, “It’s a political dissident list,” the Obama administration is collecting, “not an enemy threat list.” History tells us about what happens next unless this is stopped. It’s RICO time.

Shakedowns, payola, whatever, like the mob, Obama’s Labor Department demanded $1 million from the Associated Press for information about political appointees that the “transparent” administration is supposed to hand over under the Freedom of Information Act. The cardinal rule in journalism is you don’t pay for information. In the Obama White House, if you don’t pay you don’t get to play. This street-thug shakedown tactic is two pronged because the Obama mafia, like the mob world, have actively been silencing and intimidating the journalists, and by extension the whistleblowers and sources who speak to them about government malfeasance. In the mob world, like the Obama administration, they see whistleblowers and sources as rats. It’s RICO time.

Moreover, the “transparent” Obama administration has been using secret government email accounts to avoid scrutiny. They learned well from the Clinton unaccountable, lawless era. What’s the $1 million shakedown going to get the Associated Press anyways? In mob lingo, it’s called “spring cleaning.” It’s RICO time.

In the eyes of the Obama administration, like the mob, they are above the law. Thanks to a corrupted political justice system, as documented in The Whistleblower, a compromised, cowardly Republican Party, who long ago sacrificed the rule of law and their principals to get a seat at the table, the Obama administration, like the Clinton and Bush administrations before them, are above the law. Remember the Republicans have already rolled over on Benghazi. Same goes for let’s-make-a-deal special prosecutors like Special Counsel Judge Kenneth Starr, Robert Fiske, and Robert Ray. (Note: Starr nailed some Clinton team-players. The disposable suckers, useful idiots, and fall guys lower down on the rung. Ask Web Hubbell.) It’s RICO time.

From foot soldier to capo, just like the mob, if you are an Obama administration team player, not afraid to get your hands dirty, and an especially good liar, like United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, you get promoted. Same goes for IRS agents who were also promoted, like Stephen Seok, who signed many of the intimidating letters sent to conservative nonprofits and so forth. It’s RICO time.

How many scandals in the Obama administration will it take to reclassify their activities as a crime wave?

To bypass the corrupted political system to hold the Obama administration accountable, anyone who has been targeted by the IRS, their lawyers should immediately file local civil RICO suits. We know the corruption, despite what the Obama administration tried to make you believe, is not isolated to one rogue IRS office in one city. Civil RICO can be brought at the local levels as a civil action first that doesn’t require the government to participate.

As it evolves, as criminal acts are brought forward through the discovery process, it can lead to a broader prosecution which can be brought to a grand jury at the Federal level. RICO can also nab corrupt, bought-and-paid for Republicans.

“You get a turncoat and some collaborating wiretaps—you get some very compelling testimony,” Blakely, the creator of RICO, said in an interview. “That’s how you can bring down the mob.”

Al Capone mob tactics are in the Obama White House

Did you know that the mob crime syndicate in Washington learned from the very best? Take it from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s mentor, Saul Alinsky, the godfather of community organizing, who dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer. Alinsky apprenticed with notorious mob boss Al Capone. Alinsky’s tactics were mob tactics—just like we have been seeing out of Washington. Just like many of us have been warning would happen since before Barack Obama was elected president. Unfortunately, we have been vindicated. The Chicago mob has taken over America.

In Alinsky’s own words, he learned the mob ways when he first befriended, Big Ed Stash, a professional assassin, and the Capone mob’s top executioner. In a 1972 interview with Playboy, the interviewer asked Alinsky why professional criminals would allow an outsider like him to see how they operated.

Alinsky said: “Why not? What harm could I do them? Even if I told what I’d learned, nobody would listen. They had Chicago tied up tight as a drum; they owned the city, from the cop on the beat right up to the mayor. Forget all that Eliot Ness sh-t; the only real opposition to the mob came from other gangsters, like Bugs Moran or Roger Touhy. The Federal Government could try to nail ‘em on an occasional income tax rap, but inside Chicago they couldn’t touch their power. Capone was the establishment. When one of his boys got knocked off, there wasn’t any city court in session, because most of the judges were at the funeral and some of them were pallbearers. So they sure as hell weren’t afraid of some college kid they’d adopted as a mascot causing them any trouble. They never bothered to hide anything from me; I was their one-man student body and they were anxious to teach me. It probably appealed to their egos.”

Alinsky was right. Right now Washington is tied up tight as a drum. Simply re-insert “Chicago” with “Washington,” “city” with “America” and the solution is obvious. What stopped the mob? The Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act. What will stop the Obama administration? RICO.

Need I say more? Get busy. It’s RICO time.

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