Obama’s Second Degree Of Separation

Obama Debt Pipeline Surfer SC Obamas Second Degree Of Separation

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Solyndra, the BP extortion, Fast and Furious, Gun running in Syria, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the Justice department spying on the press. Why are none of these issues being tied to the Muslim/communist plant Barack Hussein Obama? With a whirlwind of corruption swirling in Washington, DC today, Obama still enjoys at least a 47 percent approval rating. Have people lost their minds, or are they just plain worn out from trying to follow the constant attack on Americans and our way of life?

We all know that the mainstream media has been in this guy’s pocket since the onset of his occupation in the White House; but when will they wake up to what is happening, especially since their own people are being probed and investigated by the Justice department? Obama’s confidant, Valerie Jarrett, had stated that once Obama won re-election, those who didn’t stand with him and his communist policies would surely pay. Is that what we are seeing now?

I now liken Obama to enemy number one from the 1920′s, no other than Al Capone. Obama has the power and ability to kill and get away with it. He runs guns to America’s enemies while trying to disarm the American people, he challenges everything that is good and righteous by using liberal judges to impose his will, and any charge that is levied against him (regardless of how true it is) does not seem to stick. For unknown reasons, this guy seems to be teflon.

Obama continues to use the excuse that he knew nothing of any scandals until the media did. Well, I have a bridge to sell you. He continues on his perpetual campaign sprees; for what, I ask? He is in his last term. Or is he? As there is currently a push in Congress right now to eliminate Presidential term limits, one can only guess what this guy has in mind. If America was completely awake and active, Obama’s approval rating would be lower than Congress’. People, we need to wake up and educate ourselves. The time for coasting along or sitting on the fence is long past over. This is OUR country at stake. Are we going to allow it to be taken over by America-hating Muslims and communists? Our ancestors fought and died in many wars to protect the very sanctity of Freedom that we enjoy today. Will their sacrifices be in vain? As always fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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