War On Terror – Instrument To Implement A Socialist Dictatorship

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The Federal government here in the US has become so corrupt that even they  are having trouble with covering themselves, in all the lies they want us to  believe.

Recently, giving a speech at Ohio State University, President Obama felt it  necessary to address the issue of Tyranny in the US and to do his best to dispel  the growing attitude across the country that we now have a Socialistic  Dictatorship in Washington. However, while giving the speech he fails to admit  to bringing Tyranny to us in the form of his countless Executive Orders which  are so vast, they give him supreme power over all government branches as well as  all aspects of civilian structure.

The transformation from a free country, governed according to the laws of the  Constitution where the people were in charge to that of a Socialist Regime where  government dictates laws and regulations basically began with the events of  9-11. Under the guise of keeping us safe, the Federal government has managed to  remove every aspect of the American Constitution from Federal Law. The  implementation of Socialism in the US has always been the primary goal and the  War on Terror has just been the best way to get there.

There are many facts which clearly indicate that the government isn’t  interested in the threat of Radical Islam or Terrorism in general and never was  since the beginning.

Perhaps, the strongest indication is the fact that our border with Mexico was  never closed at any time since 9-11. A government attacked by an organized  Terrorist group in the fashion as we were led to believe on 9-11, would have  immediately sealed the border and monitored all areas along it. Yet, this never  happened once and no increased security along the border was ever  implemented.

The Obama State Department announced in early 2012 that the War on Terror was  officially over, citing that the Federal government no longer felt that Al Qaeda  was a significant threat to the US at home or overseas. However, at the same  time, the Obama Administration was seemingly concerned enough about Terrorism as  of 12/11 that the President signed into law the National Defense Authorization  Act which gives the US military the power to detain US citizens for indefinite  periods, to literally shoot anyone who’s even suspected of anti-government  activity or is uncooperative, and arrest those who have anti-government opinions  such as speaking out against the Gestapo-like tactics used by the TSA each time  anyone wishes to fly a commercial airline.

President Obama was also seemingly concerned enough about terrorism to use  his executive powers to implement the National Defense Resources Preparedness  Act into law, March 16, 2012, which gives him the right to seize control over  all public and private entities in the country, literally when he deems to do  so.

Such Socialist laws as the Patriot Act which give the Federal government the  right to spy on its own citizens in the form of telephone taps, scrutinizing all  bank accounts, the monitoring all internet usage by everyone, recording travel  by all and produced the TSA is as alive today as it ever was, shortly after  9-11.

Other freedom killing bills such as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), PIPA  (Protect IP Act), ACTA (Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), and CISPA (Cyber  Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) which have sprung up of late are all  directed at spying on American citizens and keeping tabs on our personal lives.  These laws have nothing to do with monitoring Terrorist activity but are meant  focus on the American public.

Today, in every town and municipality in the US, there are cameras at every  street corner and most are equipped with microphones while recording every  conversation going on by anyone within range of them

President Obama has Drones flying in US skies to spy on American citizens and  kill those whom they deem necessary.

American society today, gives new meaning to George Orwell’s book 1984 and  even goes far beyond the book’s Big Brother scenario.

If the War on Terror is officially over as we are told it is, there shouldn’t  be a need for any of this, but the Federal government’s desire to spy on us and  know everything about our every move has drastically increased just since  January of 2012. Thus, proving that it is the citizens of the US which the  Federal Government is interested in and not international terrorists. We have  become the enemies of the state in the eyes of the Federal Government.

The US Federal government fears its own citizens, because it is afraid that  massive riots and civil unrest will erupt at any given time when the people  realize they’ve been taken for idiots by their own government.

The proof that the government isn’t concerned with any outside threat and is  only interested in the transformation from freedom to Tyranny is the fact that  we have been supporting radical Islam and helping groups like the Muslim  Brotherhood and Al Qaeda take over once friendly governments in the Middle East,  such as Egypt, many surrounding countries and now Syria. This would not be  happening if the US considered radical Islam an enemy.

What we are doing today, would be the same as the US sending money and arming  the Nazis, as well as having a bombing campaign over the United Kingdom to  soften them up for German occupancy during WWII.

Clearly, the US has been taken over in a silent Coup by Socialist Insurgents  from within. These Socialists have no political ties but belong to both  Republican and Democrat party’s.

The US government needs to be purged of its enemies within and Constitutional  law restored.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/06/war-on-terror-a-hoax-used-to-implement-socialistic-dictatorship/#ixzz2V97eTLR2

4 thoughts on “War On Terror – Instrument To Implement A Socialist Dictatorship

  1. Yes, allow the purging to begin!

  2. Hmmm, just a few days ago, he said the “war on terror has been won.”
    Well, in his mind…we aren’t the ones “winning”; they are.

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