Dangerous Times: Benghazi Revealed Collusion with Al Qaida

American Thinker

All  scandals have layers of meaning. Watergate was about a second-rate burglary, but  more importantly, it was about Richard M. Nixon’s abuse of presidential power.

However,  much of that message was ruined by the  fact that Lyndon B. Johnson abused power as much as Nixon did. Because Nixon is  still a convenient whipping boy for the left, we never hear  about LBJ’s sins.

Twenty  years before Watergate, Nixon was engaged in a brutal battle with the Stalinist  left of the 1950s. Watergate “gave the left a sword,” as Nixon famously said.  The Washington Post assaulted the Nixon presidency in collusion with  Mark Felt (Deep Throat), who hated Nixon for passing him up for FBI director.

Watergate  was therefore a major battle in the long war between the radical left and  mainstream America.

Like  Watergate, Benghazi has several layers. But the most revealing one is the  active collusion between this administration and Al Qaida.

Al  Qaida is a Saudi-inspired and Saudi-funded terror gang. Almost all of the  terrorists on 9/11 were Saudis. Those facts are always covered up, but they are  crucial to understanding the Jihad War.

In  Benghazi we ran arms from Libya to Al Qaida rebels in Syria. The Saudis are  funding that rebellion.

There’s  that Saudi link again.

In  Egypt we backed the Muslim Brotherhood against Hosni Mubarak, who kept the peace  treaty with Israel for 30 years. Thirty years of peace in the Middle East is a  huge achievement. The Muslim Brotherhood assassinated Anwar Sadat the  peacemaker, one of the rare Arab moderates who saw the light. Today we are in  league with those who assassinated Anwar Sadat. For shame.

Today  Egypt is starving, and the people hate the new regime.

The  Saudis are naturally on the side of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood because they  share the Sunni war theology.

So  the Saudis have won again, with Obama acting as their American errand boy.

In  Libya, we again made common cause with Sunni radicals against Muammar Gadaffi, a  real nutcase, but a man who was able to run Libya’s tribal federation for years.  Gadaffi had turned over his nuclear program to the George W. Bush  Administration. We still betrayed him to support his enemies, and Libya is in a  civil war even now.

Again,  the Muslim radicals won.

The  bottom line is that Obama has consistently supported the most radical Muslim  elements in the Middle East.

But  we never supported the young people of the democratic Green  Revolution against the vicious mullah regime in Iran. When Obama first met  Benyamin Netanyahu he acted like an abusive bully.

Obama  only bows down to Third World reactionaries.

That  is consistent with his extreme leftist ideology. It also fits the worldwide  left-Muslim alliance that has made Israel and the U.S. the targets of the most  vicious hate campaign since World War II. Check MEMRI.org if you doubt it.

Obama  may not be committing technical treason.

But  he is a revolutionary, and so are all his friends.

For  people like him, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The war theology of Islam  is therefore his friend.

The  biggest danger revealed by Benghazi is Obama’s ruthlessly radical policies and  actions. He is a trickster. Everything he does aims to undermine the legitimacy  of our institutions: DOJ, IRS, FBI, EPA, the Education Department and the rest.  As long as Obama is president those agencies cannot be trusted.

Therefore  the most dangerous meaning of Benghazi is its betrayal of our fundamental values  and allegiances.

By  now we should know who Obama really is. It is hard to face, because we want our  presidents to represent American values. Obama does not believe in those values.

The  most important fact Benghazi revealed is Obama’s collusion with Al Qaida.

That  is why it had to be covered up.

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5 thoughts on “Dangerous Times: Benghazi Revealed Collusion with Al Qaida

  1. This is NOT a scandal. THIS IS TREASON.

  2. Like I said before, if you have a mosque close to you there is probably a sleeper cell attached. Those of us who are informed already knew about this, the rest just want to deny it and worship Barry.

    • You are right…and I do feel like a Ninny…I just found out several days ago that they actually “plan” where, how and how to bomb next” FROM INSIDE THEIR MOSQUES. Therefore, more people know what is going to happen and do NOTHING.
      So? My conclusion is..if you are a Muslim and in this country, if you don’t warn the proper authorities in your city or town, you are complicit to the crime. So don’t go telling us there are Muslims who just want peace… even IF they have nothing to do with the actual planning.

      “If you see something, tell someone.”

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