2 thoughts on “Krauthammer: While Last Two Americans Fought for their lives Obama Plotted Cover Up

  1. Investigation my ass every investigation seems to get obamized via his henchmen! If we want the truth it is time to construct a gallows for obama, clinton, and peneta and petraeus and the general that threatened the vaughns! Put the ropes around their necks and tell them to stop lying or go to hell with their lies! Oh yes include susan rice on the gallows! Then pull the lever one by one if necessary to get the truth pouring out of their mouths! Priorities of hanging order susan rice then peneta I guarantee there will not be the necessity of a third for by the time they finished pissing on themselves obama or clinton will come clean! Of course the precursor to this would be a lie telling them that we will try the others in court! Hang every damn one of them when they spilled their guts!

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